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Posted by Lord Shaper on 15 February 2010
40K SNEAK PEEK: Battle Missions Book

40K SNEAK PEEK: Battle Missions Book

Lets take a look inside the upcoming Battle Missions book courtesy of The Astronomican blog. Here is a reported listing of the missions:

This is reminding me alot of the old 40K battles book for second editions which brought more to your battles at least 10 years ago.

I think it’s a good move and can’t wait to see how they work out.

Chaos Marines

1. Pillage
2. Black Crusade
3. Scorched Earth

Chaos Daemons

1. Night Fight
2. Invasion
3. Fight to the Death

Dark Eldar
1. Dawn Raid
2. Slave Raid
3. Feigned Retreat

1. Pre-emptive Strike
2. Flank Attack
3. Mobile Defence

Imperial Guard
1. Prepared Assault
2. War of Attrition
3. Trench Warfare

1. Ambush
2. Reconnaissance in Force
3. Implacable Advance

1. Blitzkrieg
2. Waaagh!
3. Cut & Run

Space Marines
1. Vanguard
2. Surprise Attack
3. All-round Defence

1. Vertical Envelopment
2. Counter-Attack
3. Fighting Withdrawal

1. First Contact
2. Wave Assault
3. Infestation

1. Kill Team
2. Linebreaker
3. Clash of Heroes

These are reported to not be hard-wired to the listed armies, so really any army could use these if you wanted, giving the 40k playerbase over 30 new missions, ranging from subtle variations of the standard missions to really oddball ones with lots of special rules.

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