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Who Brings the Counters?

Who Brings the Counters? I have a question for all who read this to see what you think. When playing Malifaux I generally have made up all the counters I need. Be it at Strategies that are requiring counters to when Playing McMourning and needing Body Parts and Corpse Counters. But one thing that I’m wondering is who should be supplying them. Now I’m thinking more on a Tournament side than a...
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Malifaux at MOAB

Malifaux at MOAB Talk about a busy couple of weeks getting ready for MOAB this year. I was playing in Tiny’s Malifaux tournament which was a 2 day event where we played 5 games over the 2 days. We had story driven encounters which you can read here. Only 6 people were playing but for the first year of it we’re hoping for more to be able to come next year and not playing other...
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Doom Mancubus

Doom Mancubus Ok this is an old figure that a friend of mine was given and since he knew I painted up models he asked could I paint it for him. How could I say no? Back in the day I had a heap of figures like that one that were picked up but nothing ever happened with them and then they would get lost or sold or traded or a strange combination of the lot. Also since my painting quality has...
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Pull My Finger Wiki: Outcast Week!

Pull My Finger Wiki: Outcast Week! That’s right! It’s here finally! For the next week the PullMyFinger Wiki will be focusing on finishing and correcting any and all Outcast articles from Book 1 and 2! Remember to read the Wiki Helping Out section: ( ) and the Style Guide: ( before you make any major...
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Twilight Emporium LED Flickering Fla...

Twilight Emporium LED Flickering Flame (50mm) As you may have noticed I have a list of Malifaux sites that I’ve came across and follow and one of them is the Twilight Emporium. Josh over at the Emporium posted a while back about some LED Flickering Flame markers which are great for my want of playing some games with Sonnia so I went over to check his Store to see if he had them up for sale yet. Imagine my surprise to...
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Dead Death Marshals Progress Post #1

Dead Death Marshals Progress Post #1 So one of my orders from Gencon has arrive with the big one waiting to get here…  (hopefully this week) I’ve started painting up the Dead Justice box and really want to make them as a unique crew. I’m also going to be expanding it up with an Austringer and Executioner so I can play it at 35ss and modify them to fit the rest of the Dead Justice Box, if it works...
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Nicodem Corpses – 18 September...

Nicodem Corpses – 18 September Malifaux Story Based Tournament Location: Southern Battle Gamers. The Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club Box Road. When: Sunday 18th September Masters: Nicodem Corpses is a 1 master event this is selected at the beginning of the tournament and the same master is used throughout. Soulstones: 35ss scraps. Players are to submit a 55ss pool of models at the beginning of the day which they will make their 35ss...
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Soul Stone Sunday #1 and Rankings

Soul Stone Sunday #1 and Rankings Well Soul Stone Sunday has came and gone and we had a great day. We all arrived around 10am and from there proceeded to set up 6 tables and around 10.45 we started playing. I had taken along my laptop to run Ratty’s Apps to run everything which worked out fantastically. We had 6 people originally turn up. 2 turned up around 11.30 and didn’t join in there was 1 other...
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Constructing the Constructs

Constructing the Constructs So as I’ve shown before I have been making progress on my Guild and with the new Table here I decided to get my Finished Hoffman Crew out on it to have some photos taken. I decided to go with a red armour for the constructs and then try to tie them in with the rest of my Guild. After starting I noticed a lot of red Hoffman crews out there but I went as Dark as I could so you...
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Welcome to the Badlands

Welcome to the Badlands So for some time I’ve been wanting something more than a 3×3 piece of Chipboard as a table… Yes the wood looks sort of sand coloured but it really wasn’t what I was after. So I was looking around on Gumtree which is like Craig’s List but here in Australia and came across Custom Terrain who was local to me so I thought I’d see what he can do....
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Updates, Malifaux, Tables, Figures a...

Updates, Malifaux, Tables, Figures and Tournaments! As I clean the dust off the site you can tell I’ve been busy with the outside world.. Work has been busy and a full month with the family have kept me away from putting fingers to keys but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing any hobby. First off I have 2 figures left to paint to have 182 Soul Stones of Guild Painted. After that I’m onto finishing my...
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Soul Stone Sunday Open Tournament #1

Soul Stone Sunday Open Tournament #1 Hey Guys, Type of Event: Free Tournament Date and time: 21st August 2011 10.00am – finish Location of Event: Unlimited Hobbies Unit 2, 94 Kildare Rd Blacktown NSW 2148 Format: Accumulation Format Random Core Shared Strategy Single Faction Core Schemes 35 Soul Stone Crews Rounds: 3 Rounds of 90 minutes each Cost: Nothing. As it’s the first one there to bring some interest to...
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