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Feburary Feud – The Hall of Heroes 10th Feb 2013 Feburary Feud – The ... rating
The Return of Warzone The Return of Warzone rating
3 Painters and 1 Charity 3 Painters and 1 Charity rating
Malifaux Strategy: The Informant Malifaux Strategy: The Inf... rating

Feburary Feud – The Hall of He...

Feburary Feud – The Hall of Heroes 10th Feb 2013 Well Heartsbane is running a Tournament at the Hall of Heroes in Campbelltown, on the 10th of Feb. If you are interested in coming, please follow the below link and register so he can accurately determine numbers.…event_code=217 I’m going to be there so if your in the area come along! Cost: $20 entry, which will be used for prizes...
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The Return of Warzone

The Return of Warzone Well something that I never though would happen seems like it is going to and that is the return of The Mutant Chronicles Warzone. For those who don’t know the game it came out in the Mid 90’s and for me took the place of any Games Workshop games from it’s first edition and onward. So currently I have a Huge Dark Legion, Cybertronic and Brotherhood army sitting in...
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Malifaux at Cancon 2013

Malifaux at Cancon 2013 Cancon is Australia’s largest tabletop gaming convention. It is run in Canberra every year over the Australia Day long weekend, which this year was January 26-28. I’ve just got back from spending two of those days playing my favourite miniature game: Malifaux. First off: it was nice to have such great opponents over the weekend. They made all the games lots of fun even...
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6 Days Left for Through the Breach

6 Days Left for Through the Breach Well we are in the last week of Through the Breach and Wyrd has announced some games for this last week… First off they are wanting everyone who can to share, like and retweet the Through the Breach logo to add towards Santana being available for both the $224 and $125 level backers… Also they have announced some new stretch goals, 1 of which was hit roughly 20 minutes...
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Through the Breach: A Malifaux Rolep...

Through the Breach: A Malifaux Roleplaying Game Well Yet again time is getting away from me and since my Camera has died I’m unable to get any new photos of all of the figures I’ve been working on. That being said unless you have been living under a rock you would have seen that Wyrd have announced the Through the Breach Malifaux Roleplaying Game. I’ve been waiting for this since I found Malifaux and I...
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Thinning the Veil – A Malifaux...

Thinning the Veil – A Malifaux Story Encounter Well after wanting to take part in the Wyrd Halloween Contest I finally got around to writing my Story Encounter for it after having a lot of things going on personally to find that I was  5 days too late for the contest… Well with that being said I thought I’d put it up here for everyone to see and try out and if you have any ideas to tweek it feel free to post in the...
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Building a Better Supply Wagon

Building a Better Supply Wagon So with my new love of playing Collodi and Zoraida I wanted to do something special for my the crew in a personalised Supply Wagon. With that I wasn’t sure what I should do for it. That being said I went through all the usual ideas of some form of wagon and tossing those ideas before because they have been done before… So what did I think of… Well my first idea...
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Evil Baby Orphanage

Evil Baby Orphanage The Evil Baby Orphanage card game will be a quick, fun party game for three or more players. It is being made by Wyrd Miniatures and will be released in the next month or two. This channel will be used to give you some inside info about the creation of this game and may be used to give a behind the scenes look at future Wyrd products so, if you’re interested, subscribe! A...
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3 Painters and 1 Charity

3 Painters and 1 Charity Over the years I’ve seen numerous Tales of Painters where there has been a commitment by some friends to have so much done a week and as they are semi competing against one another they are getting everything done they want and need to. This one is different. Andy Walker of The Lair of the Breviks, Michael Awdry from 28mm Victorian Warfare and Mike Reynolds of The Dark...
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Dead Heat: Worldwide Campaign

Dead Heat: Worldwide Campaign Well to start off we have all of the new releases leading up to Gencon listed to have us all salavating and today when I check the Wyrd Forum and what do I find? Wyrd are going to be doing a Worldwide Campaign… Now I need to figure out who I want to play in it! Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait a couple more days to get the details on it but it’s great...
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Beneath Lucius’ Mask

Beneath Lucius’ Mask Well it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to update here and let alone take photos of my figures I’ve been working on. So first off no I haven’t died off… I’ve been busy with numerous figures and took out a little 4 man tournament since there were about 6 cancellations the night before which wasn’t fun to find out when we all got...
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A Sideshow on the Horizon

A Sideshow on the Horizon Well it’s been a while but I’ve finally had some time to get some photos and time to post something here. Of late I’ve been playing some different crews to my general Guild by bringing in Arcanists and Neverborn…. Yes I said Neverborn… Well I have’t started with Pandora or the Dreamer yet I was intrigued with Collodi… and if your going to...
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Blood Money – Malifaux Outcast...

Blood Money – Malifaux Outcasts Time for a change from Guild with what would be the faction that I have the least amount of figures for which is the Outcasts. I have picked up individual figures along the way so I can use them with some of my existing crews but until recently I haven’t had a single master for them. That has been rectifies as I did recently pick up both Vikki blisters along with the Freicorp...
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Enter the Exorcist

Enter the Exorcist Going along with the Guild from yesterday I wanted to bring up my Exorcist which I picked myself up for Xmas last year… I really nice figure which I was hoping I could do justice too. Being a Death Marshal I wanted to have him having ties to my current Death Marshals but as he is further up the hierarchy I wanted to have people notice the difference. So starting with that...
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Dead Justice and Dead Judge Complete...

Dead Justice and Dead Judge Completed Well I yet again have been delayed by life when wanting to do some more updates since I took a heap of photos of my latest painted figures (that being said I mean since last November). This time we have the last couple of figures from my Dead Justice crew which was Justice herself and The Judge… I really had fun doing these 2 and getting the hair right on Lady J was one that...
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It’s Ebay Time!

It’s Ebay Time! I know now it’s time to try to pimp my wares… Yes it’s that time again where the wife and I have too much stuff and we need to clear out some. We’ve listed a heap of RPG Source Books, I’ve also added some Miniature games like Leviathan and the second part of the original Citadel Catalog (the Red Book) or even a new Hellboy Library edition for less than...
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Malifaux Strategy: The Informant

Malifaux Strategy: The Informant So for the past week or so I’ve had a Strategy knocking around inside my head which I want to work into the start of a campaign… be it online or not. The start of it is with the below Strategy where there is an informant who had some information that all factions are after. Depending on which faction gets the most wins means that the next Strategy will...
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A Maniac at the Door

A Maniac at the Door Next up on my Malifaux showcase will be our favourite Hoimicidal Maniac and provider of Dead Prostitutes Seamus. I never ended up getting the Seamus boxed set so the first version I picked up of him was the Alt version back in the Gencon sale. I’ve been a big fan of his since I saw that figure and also saw the Avatar version of him as well. So how could I resist. Also...
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Kirai back from the Dead

Kirai back from the Dead Well I’ve been busy with Holidays taking care of the kids, painting like a daemon and planing for the last couple of months and I haven’t had the chance to post much. That’s going to be stopping now as I have finally managed to pull out the camera and take some not so good shots of all of the figures that I’ve finished. Also if you go to the Hobby Tracker I...
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What To Do With Old Figures – ...

What To Do With Old Figures – Mutant Chronicles: Warzone Well here we all looking at 2012 and I’ve been going through some of my older figures thinking of what I can do with them. I’ve now been gaming for just over 2o years with miniatures and playing RPG games for even longer. With that being said we always go through different phases with our gaming and I have been looking at all the models I have for Warzone which was...
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