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Warhammer 40k Main Rulebook FAQ Feb ...

Warhammer 40k Main Rulebook FAQ Feb 25 2010 Released The new Games Workshop rulebook FAQ came out today. The changes are minimal and not as exiting as the Ork codex, but It is still important to have a grasp (and a copy) of the FAQ especially when it applies to the main rules. Link to new PDF Also you can go to the Downloads section for all of the current FAQ’s Highlights: The Doom does not effect troops inside of transports....
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Battle Foam announce X-Board Travel ...

Battle Foam announce X-Board Travel Display Battle Foam have announced a new modular display board for tournament gamers or anyone looking for a unique carrying base for their miniatures. As I’m just getting everything back together and planning out my Tau army I think I will be looking at a solution like this for display and also some of their army cases to transport my army. If you want to see more on the Battle...
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40K SNEAK PEEK: Battle Missions Book

40K SNEAK PEEK: Battle Missions Book Lets take a look inside the upcoming Battle Missions book courtesy of The Astronomican blog. Here is a reported listing of the missions: This is reminding me alot of the old 40K battles book for second editions which brought more to your battles at least 10 years ago. I think it’s a good move and can’t wait to see how they work out. Chaos Marines 1. Pillage 2. Black...
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Tau Again – With Better Photos

Tau Again – With Better Photos Here’s some better pictures.
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Swampland Tau Update

Swampland Tau Update After looking for a way to fix the issues I had with the dull coat I’ve went over them with a gloss and it seems to have fixed it all! After waiting for them to dry, here are some photos of the fixed figures. As always go to my flickr page for full size images. I need to get a new Dull Coat now to take the edge off the gloss. Pathfinders XV8 Now I just need to sort out my...
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Tau Swampworld Cadre

Tau Swampworld Cadre I am only just getting back into 40k after being absent from it since early 2001. So it’s been a while for me and also I haven’t painted since at least 2006/7 so I am trying to relearn the dipping of the brush so to speak… That being said here is the start of my Tau Cadre. Let me know what you think of them! Forgive my photography… I need to set up a light...
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BOW Tips: Glorious Searchlights

BOW Tips: Glorious Searchlights Beasts of War are back with a tip on Searchlights. Since I have gotten back into the wargaming hobby again I have been watching these religiously so let me know what you think. Check out their YouTube Channel
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An eBay Update

An eBay Update Just as an update with my eBay sales, along with a reminder, There is currently 4 days to go on the auctions and as well as the window that needs to be paid for we have found out my son needs an operation to have his eardrum fixed so all the money from these sales is to go towards the cost of his operation. I think that that is more important than a smashed window on the car. If...
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Games Workshop Catalogs on eBay

Games Workshop Catalogs on eBay As I’ve had some issues over the last week with having to pay for a smashed car window I’ve decided to put up some of my old Games Workshop Catalogs, Comic Trade Paperbacks and the last of my tournament Magic the Gathering decks up for sale on eBay. If your interested in anything please go over to my eBay site to put your bid on and so I can get this window paid for....
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Looking for a Name

Looking for a Name As I had the idea for this last night but apart from putting up the site I haven’t managed to come up with a name for it. If anyone has any ideas feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll also put my thoughts in there so I can come up with something that fits what I want to do here.
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Nid Week Continues

Nid Week Continues Beasts of War have been doing a heap of Videos on the new Tyranid Codex which was released late last week and they have been going in depth with anything Tyranid. I haven’t played anything from the Nid’s since Second edition of Warhammer 40 000 where I had an undefeated Genestealer Cultist army. Since that form of army doesn’t exist anymore I haven’t looked...
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A New Project

A New Project I’ve been an avid wargamer for years but due to moving and kids among other things I have moved out of the field of gaming. That being said I have recently had the itch for getting into it again and have started painting miniatures again. This website is going to be infrequently updated with photos of what I’ve been painting as I have pulled out all of my old painting...
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