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Reconfigured Deathwing Army List

Reconfigured Deathwing Army List So I’ve been posting a lot about the Deathwing army that I’ve been working on. With the new errata this is what is going to be my standard 1750 list. What I’m wondering is what do you guys think of it or what should I change? At 1750 I’m right on the points and also I’m only taking 4 Troop Squads. In total there is only going to be 22 Terminators and...
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Deathwing Librarian WIP

Deathwing Librarian WIP I know it’s been a while… You would think with having a couple of weeks off work when I was minding the kids during the holidays I could have more hobby done… That couldn’t be further from the truth. All I’ve done since the last post has been a base coat on a single terminator, undercoat a Land Raider Crusader (as well as assemble and magnetize for...
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Quick Deathwing Update

Quick Deathwing Update Ok there isn’t going to be any images in this post so if your after more WIP or finished figures then unfortunately there won’t be any. Mainly because I’ve been on Holidays but instead of relaxing and powering through any painting on my table I’ve been looking after the kids while my wife is working so I’m doing all the running around. That being said...
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Thunder Hammer Deathwing Terminators

Thunder Hammer Deathwing Terminators Well I finished up the first of my Assault Squads for my Deathwing force. I’m going to do 2 Assault Squads where I can mix and match between Lightning Claws and Thunder Hammers as needed (or even a squad of each if the mood takes me). I’ve also added Cyclone Missile Launchers to one in the squad so if they have finished up in combat and are on to the next then they can...
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Tracking my Hobby Progress

Tracking my Hobby Progress This is going to be one of those posts to show what I’m planning on doing over the next year. I’ve been following Warpstone Pile for a while and Rushputin has been using the Lone Pilgrim Painting Progress Scheme to track what he has completed from assembly to finished painting. And from that he has worked out a fantastic Google Spreadsheet that does anything you would...
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Deathwing Interrogator Chaplain

Deathwing Interrogator Chaplain Since we have Belial as my main HQ for the Deathwing you really need a second HQ so you can try to either have a second Character to look to or to put with Belial and a Close Combat Squad to make a terminator Death Star Unit. Now you can go with the Librarian but his powers really aren’t that good so the only other option you can go with for the Deathwing is the Terminator...
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The Ortegas

The Ortegas As I have stated previously stated I had finished the Ortega Guild Crew but for some reason I had forgotten to take photos of them. I have yet to use the Family in game as I keep going back to Lady Justice but the crew seems easy to play. As Lady Justice is mainly about the close combat the Ortega’s are all about killing you at range. Keeping with my theme for the Guild this...
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Belial Completed and Deathwing Start...

Belial Completed and Deathwing Started Well After leaving the vote out there and it came across that Black was the winner for the robes. Also the more I looked at the figure the more I could see there needing a dark colour to balance him more. So I went ahead and finished him up. Along with that I also have finished the first 3 of my Assault Terminators with another 15 waiting to go. I’m really happy with how...
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Sonnia Criid’s Witch Hunters &...

Sonnia Criid’s Witch Hunters & Governor’s Proxy Well it’s time to get back to some Malifaux figures that I have had painted before I moved but I’ve just been able to set up a basic photo setup. This is the last of the Guild models that I had to paint (Yes I do have another Austringer and the Lucius box on order) and with Sonnia I wanted to have her standing out more than either Perdita or Lady Justice. I’m not...
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Deathwing Belial Final WIP Look

Deathwing Belial Final WIP Look Ok this is going to be the last post regarding the colours for Belial. I have gone through and finished up the armour on him so I can see what colours fit better for the robes between the Black and White I’ve been debating about so from here I will be working on the rest of the figure but as I look at him I really am not sure that a light robe will fit. Also for the straps...
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Upcoming Malifaux Friendly Tournamen...

Upcoming Malifaux Friendly Tournament On the 8th of January I’ll be going into Good Games in Sydney for a Malifaux tournament. It’s 25 SS with fixed Master and list which is smaller than the other games I have been playing so I’m really trying to find a balanced all comers force using Lady Justice. I could take one of the other masters since I have both Sonnia and Perdita fully painted but as I...
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More Belial WIP

More Belial WIP As everyone at this time of year is busy, so have I. We’ve had the kids away this week which when I thought I’d have some time to do some painting but that has been thrown to the wayside. I did manage to grab about 30 minutes to get some more work done on Belial last night as you can see below. I know he’s darker than the traditional bone style but he will be...
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