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Hobby Progress Tracker

I’ve been reading a lot of various people doing different styles of painting progress for each year. With this idea sitting in the back of the head Rushputin from Warpstone Pile has made a Google Spreadsheet able to be copied so we all can use his mechanics.

All thanks go to Rushputin for doing this!

For 2012/13 I’m using the modified version by Bill from the Dead Tau Project who has added a lot more Malifaux Functionality

As for my trackers you can view it at the below links.

Hobby Progress Tracker 2013
Hobby Progress Tracker 2012
Hobby Progress Tracker 2011

It’s using the Lone Pilgrim Painting Progress Scheme but I have changed it slightly so you have 25/30mm base size, 40mm base size and 50/60mm base size. Also it will track any games I play along with assembly of any models as well.

Feel free to check it out to see where I’m up to.