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After a Zoanthrope and Lictor?

After a Zoanthrope and Lictor? If you remember or just scroll down the main page a bit you can see that after I took part in the Super Blog Chain Give Away where I gave away a Box of Khorne Berzerkers to Schnitzel and who in turn gave away a Razorback which went to Zeronyne from over at Zeronyne is now...
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Nid Week Continues

Nid Week Continues Beasts of War have been doing a heap of Videos on the new Tyranid Codex which was released late last week and they have been going in depth with anything Tyranid. I haven’t played anything from the Nid’s since Second edition of Warhammer 40 000 where I had an undefeated Genestealer Cultist army....
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