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Dark Eldar – Tales from the Warzone http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com Wargaming in Multiple Worlds Tue, 06 Jan 2015 00:21:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.6.1 11569276 Dark Eldar – Video and Stats Information http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/2010/09/28/dark-eldar-video-and-stats-information/ http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/2010/09/28/dark-eldar-video-and-stats-information/#respond Tue, 28 Sep 2010 00:30:17 +0000 http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/?p=629 So the information is still coming in and I thought I’d share it with you all some more.

Games Workshop has released a video on Youtube with some of the up coming models and we have had more reports on starts and unit information.

Again The Dark Eldar Kabal site has had the majority of this as well as BOLS.

Via the Lounge’s Isotope99


Fast, skimmer, open-topped (no surprise there)

Raider AV 10 10 10
Ravager AV 11 11 10

Ravager armed with three dark lances (seems to be standard, no idea about upgrades)
Able to fire all three weapons at cruising speed (12″?)

Reavers (don’t know if these are troops or fast attack? My guess is they stay fast)

+1T, but only armour save 5+ (rather than the Eldar version that gives 3+)
36″ turbo boost (so should be no objective you can’t contest on the final turn)

They’re armed with a splinter rifle but their main attack seems to be their blades (mono-something vanes). These had a fairly lengthy description and I can’t remember all of it but it basically seemed to function like that bomb the ork Deffkoptas can have in that you pass over/near a unit and instead of charging it you inflict hits as you pass so the enemy can’t immediately strike back. Presumably you can use this to soften the enemy up before engaging them with wyches etc.

There were some extra upgrades to increase the strength of the hits, inflict more of them etc.

Wyches (troops as standard I think)

Upgradable weapons that provide bonuses to the unit, or reduce the enemy’s stats (didn’t see the rules on these?)

Archon(didn’t see any of his wargear)
WS/BS: 7 S/T/W: 3 I: 7 A: 3or4? Ld: 9 or 10? Save: 5+
Phil Kelly said that the cube he’s carrying on the front of the codex and one of the models doubles his strength if he can kill an independent character or monstrous creature. (Instant death versus any strength 6+ weapon )

Incubi/Warriors (didn’t see these pages, I think the Incubi might be moving to elites from HQ to fill the Wyches’ slot)

Mandrakes (The glowing yellow guys on the cover, so I would expect there to be models but can’t confirm)

They strike from the shadows and get more powerful after they’ve tasted blood (not sure if this is just fluff or if it will be represented by some special rules).

That’s pretty much all I have. So far the glass cannon theme is well intact, the prospect of facing a squad of long fangs able to nobble two vehicles per turn is pretty terrifying.

I don’t think we can tell what their strengths are going to be yet but I expect lots of reserves, wyches assaulting out of their open-topped raiders and super fast reavers providing cover saves for the vehicles and contesting objectives late.

From ArchonCryx over at 40konline:

SO Games Day has passed, at last we get a first good look, and the view seems magnificent.

We seem to have a “dartboard Codex” at last – ie a codex where vurtually any combination of units will be some how competitive!

Ok, Archon can have a Blaster, (or a Blaster Pistol). Blasters are now 18″ range and the Archons BS7 means you’re hitting on a third of your 1’s to hit!

SO expect it to hit!

The reavers get access to a Melta Blaster, ie it’s a S8 Blaster with Lance and Melta specvial rules (yep, both).

Raiders are more expensive but freek me alive they actually have a whole *host* of upgrades that you want to use, all either 5 or 10pts extra.

The 2 I remember strongly is the one that gives you an extra 2D6″ movement (thus the raiders can potentially move up to 36″)
and thwe new “Extra Armour must always take upgrade for DE will be the 5++ invulnerable save (yes, for a vehicle) INVULNERABLE save, *not* cover

Let’s see. New units. 2 new heavy support, one is a razorwing, the other completely new.

New transport – you can run Venoms now (6 capacity).

Warriors and wyches are troops. HOWEVER< you can also buy elite warriors and elite wyches (who have a fancy name that I forget). Elites has become very busy with the addition of Harlequins along with the new Incubi

Pain points are cool, Haemonculi have the ability to confer a free pain point on units they attach to. It is also one of the combat drug results.

We do lose the 12″ assault option but since we gain 36” move units and transports, its little concern.

Dark Matter spam is gone with a more realistic allocation of heavy/special weapons mainly based on squad size. Similarly for reavers

Hellions are quite good now.

And Scourges are the real Dark Horse – they look like being a very popular choice for heavy support. Personally I love the idea of a haywire grenade launcher which should be a bit of fun!

Umm, there’s two types of talos, a more or less familiar one and a less tough version that’s cheaper.

Grotttesques have bulked out and are reminiscent of Ogryn stats.

That should further whet your appetite…

From collated info on Warseer:

Allows for Kabal, Wych Cult and Homunculus armies

All old units appear in this codex plus there are 3-5 new units

Army-wide special rules:
Night Vision – Acute Senses USR

Strength Through Pain – Supposedly features mostly on Wytch Cult units. The unit gains an upgrade every time it wipes out an enemy unit (3 max). 1st Feel No Pain, 2nd Furious Charge, 3rd Fearless.

Combat Drugs – Roll once. All units with the Combat Drugs rule get the same benefit.


Splinter Rifle 24″ SX, AP5, Rapid Fire, Poisoned.

Shard Carbine 18″ SX, AP5, Assault 3, Poisoned.

Splinter Cannon 36″ SX, AP5, Assault 4, or Heavy 6 Poisoned.

Splinter Pods – an underslung weapon for the Hellions similar to the carbine

– Some FOC slots are subject to change –

WS/BS: 7 S/T/W: 3 I: 7 A: 3or4? Ld: 9 or 10? Save: 5+
Can take a wargear item the effect of which is that if he kills an enemy MC or SC in close combat he doubles his Strength to 6. If he kills another one, he doubles his Strength to 10.

Asdrubal Vect
No longer rides a Vehicle

Identical to the Codex: Eldar entry

Have a shooting attack that gets stronger with every kill they make

T3, S3, 2A 3+ sv,
Klaives – Power weapons that add +1S
Squad leader has WS5, A3 and can take 2 smaller blades that either give him +2 attacks or +2S (both are Power Weapons). Also provides himself and his squad with the ability to roll another attack for each 6 to hit they roll. This is supposedly unlimited.

Stats are the same. Armed with Splinter Rifle only.

Stats are the same. Retain 4+ dodge save in CC.
Wych weapons
– Shardnet reduces A of all enemies in B2B by 1.
– A “chain-of-blades weapon” that gives +2A, and re-rolls to hit and to wound.

Fast Attack
Reaver Jetbikes
T4, 5+ save, can Turbo-boost 36″.
Armed with Splinter Rifles
Can perform a “fly-by” attack on enemy units without becoming locked in close combat.
Have several upgrades that inflict different numbers of S3/4/6 hits on units when performing the fly by attack.
The jetbike gives +1 sv and +1T
Possibly get a S6 melta-lance weapon

Beast Masters
Get more types of beasts

Heavy Support
Fast, skimmer, open-topped AV 11 11 10
Armed with 3 Dark Lances as standard and can fire all 3 at cruising speed

Apparently changed to Ogryn-sized creatures
There will still be human-sized Homunculus constructs, but they will have a different name

Fast, skimmer, open-topped AV 10 10 10

http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/2010/09/28/dark-eldar-video-and-stats-information/feed/ 0 629
**Updated** Dark Eldar have been sighted http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/2010/09/27/dark-eldar-have-been-sighted/ http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/2010/09/27/dark-eldar-have-been-sighted/#respond Mon, 27 Sep 2010 01:00:37 +0000 http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/?p=624 And it’s finally happened.

As per the Games Workshop Announcement:

Today at UK Games Day we announced the re-launch of the Dark Eldar and unveiled a wicked host of new Dark Eldar miniatures. Jes Goodwin, lead Dark Eldar designer, was there to answer questions about his latest creations and show off the cover art from the new Codex. As newsletter subscribers we felt that you should be the first to hear the news and catch a glimpse of Jes and his team’s stunning work. Make sure you check out the ‘What’s New Today’ section on games-workshop.com every day next week, as we’ll be showing more of the Dark Eldar, including some of Jes’ concept sketches and early design work. The new Dark Eldar will be available to advance order from Tuesday 5th October. Brace yourself, gaming in the 41st Millennium is about to become a lot more frightening.

Ok enough with the PR… As readers of TFTW would know I was looking at either waiting for the Dark Eldar to come or start on some Blood Angels. And I’ve been having fun with the Angels but I think I’m going to have to get some of these just to paint up let alone make up a killzone team or something of the like… I’d really love to do 1000 points of Jetbikes if it can be done.

As for all the rumors if there are Harlequins in there it could be an interesting idea


If you want to see everything Dark Eldar that has came out for Games Day go over to The Dark Eldar Kabal to see tons of images of what has came out so far. Also if you have some yourself I’d recommend sending them over to Cuchulain84 and show them to the world!

http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/2010/09/27/dark-eldar-have-been-sighted/feed/ 0 624
What Army Next? http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/2010/03/25/what-army-next/ http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/2010/03/25/what-army-next/#comments Thu, 25 Mar 2010 04:14:05 +0000 http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/?p=180 As I have came back into the world of wargaming with my Tau Cadre I have been thinking about what’s to come next for me. When I was looking at what armies I wanted to do originally I had first been drawn to the Dark Eldar and as anyone who’s looking at anything within the Warhammer 40K world you get online and look at what people are saying about the armies.

Dark Eldar is an older army with the current Codex being from 3rd edition and most of it being outdated compared to most other armies. That combined with thousands of rumors that they will be getting a new book within the next 12 months had me hold off.

From there I went to the Tau and after finding AdvancedTauTactica.com and I have gone ahead there.

Now with the further rumors of there being a new Dark Eldar Codex coming up after Warhammer 8th Edition I’m starting to figure out what I’d like to do.

How can you not like the idea of sadistic sci-fi Elves whose main motivation is to go hunting for slaves and being as twisted and perverse as possible… I like the fact that they have the hit and run down pat and I can see how people don’t like them for larger battles but anything after 1000 points shows they can make a difference.

Also there seems to be more of an online cult status for the Dark Eldar. People seem to be more passionate about some of the Xeno races compared to Marines even though Marines are the bread and butter for Games Workshop.

Now the Dark Eldar figures are fairly outdated and as most other armies have had new figures arrive over the years but the Dark Eldar seem to have the same ones they had when I first saw Dark Eldar come out all those years ago. But that being said the rumors are stating that there will be a whole new line of figures so it would just mean waiting for them to arrive.

One of the main thing I want to do is not collect an army that I collected before so with that rule in place that means no Dark Angels, Chaos, Eldar or Genestealer Cultist (which don’t have an official Codex at the moment) so I’m bring it down to 2 choices.

Dark Eldar or Blood Angels

Why Blood Angels do you say?

Well I have always liked the Blood Angels but I never picked anything up and the idea of these giant Marines who have most aspects of being Vampires is something that just calls out to the Lost Boys fanboy inside me.

Also I don’t want to have an army that is too similar to what I am currently playing with so since Tau is solely based on being a stand back and shoot army I’d like to have something that is more combat orientated.

If I do go for the Blood Angels don’t expect me to be posting picture of red marines either… I’ll be doing them as a successor chapter with bone coloured armour and with all the winged jump packs that are going to be coming out I’ll have those in a black rather than the white that is currently being shown for the Sanguinary Guard above but I’d have a off white armour and then the black wings which we have seen with Astroth the Grim.

So which way do you guys think I should go?

Wait for the Dark Eldar or start with the Blood Angels?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

http://www.talesfromthewarzone.com/2010/03/25/what-army-next/feed/ 3 180