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Posted by Lord Shaper on 24 November 2014
Time for an Update

Time for an Update

So I’m gathering that people have noticed that there has been a lack of posts up on here of late…

That is my fault. First up my home laptop has been playing up so I’ve been running it as little as possible but this does mean that I haven’t been able to change photo sizes or take time and get new ones taken with the light boxes I’ve acquired over the past 12 months.

So what have I been doing hobby wise?

Well to start off I am still painting Malifaux and changing from the metals to plastics with my Guild. Also I have started on a Guild McMourning crew which I want to get semi compliant with down the track.

Now to be honest after the years of playing Malifaux almost exclusively this year I have been experiencing some burn out of it so I have taken a break and have still been demoing but haven’t played as much as I have in the past. And with that I have started playing Warmachine/Hordes with a Trollbloods army at the local club (Cherrybrook Tech Adepts) as they were starting up a slow grow and I thought it would be fun to jump in on.

Also after seeing Dave’s Hordebloods over on Wargaming Tradecraft I was inspired to do my own Warcraft themed Trollbloods.

I’m currently at about a 50% win rate with them and have a couple of different 35 point armies I can use but there is always more I can add which with any miniatures game is an issue.

Next is a return to DBA which I haven’t played since the 90’s and with all games like that I’m needing to get some more armies for it and at least with a 15mm army they cost between $40 and $60 for everything you need apart from bases…

So with that I now have 2 armies built and 1 more to put together.

Undercoating and painting is the next thing to go for my Romans, Medieval French and Wallachians.

Lastly I have been back into PC gaming with World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Nosgoth and Heroes of the Storm so some nights have been taken up with these instead of my usual painting.

So with that being said I’m not ignoring this and you can see I have been keeping updates running on which had a break due to a firewall issue blocking my access from work.

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