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Posted by Lord Shaper on 15 August 2014
Through the Breach Kickstarter Wave 1

Through the Breach Kickstarter Wave 1

Well it’s been a while but I’m back again and hopefully not away as long as I have been.

That being said I finally received the first part of my Through The Breach RPG Kickstarter which was something I’ve been looking forward for since it funded back in January of 2013…

So for those that missed the Kickstarter Through the Breach is the Malifaux RPG which I went in on the highest level which gave me everything and I can’t say I’m disappointed in what came.

Here’s a list of everything I had coming for this:

  • Kickstarter Exclusive Handmade Wicked Doll
  • 2x Special Edition RPG Fate Deck
  • 2x Male and 2x Female Multi-pose Miniatures
  • Special Edition Sculpt Hannah the Freikorps Archivist
  • Core Copy Player’s Guide
  • Core Copy Fate Master’s Guide
  • Pad of Character Sheets
  • Custom Through the Breach Fate Master Screen
  • Digital Version of the Player’s Guide and the Fate Master’s Guide
  • Special Edition Hanging Tree Miniature
  • Santana Ortega
  • Miss Terious
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Hard-Cover RPG Volume
  • Digital Copy of the 1st Official Through the Breach Adventure Titled “In Defence of Innocence”

Out of the above list all we are missing at this point is the Exclusive Hard Cover and the Digital Copy of the first Official adventure which they have publicized is delayed and coming later.

So this is what I saw when I opened the box

TTB Wave 1

As you can see in the above photo I was sent a bonus Yan Lo Masters of the Path box which was added as a Thank You for your Patience which Wyrd didn’t need to do but I’m not going to complain about that!

The Books are great and as sturdy as you’d expect from any of the existing Malifaux books as are the sprues of multi-pose characters which they added more to the sprues as they could fit more on there which is always nice to see.

The one thing that I wasn’t happy with is I didn’t receive 2 Special Edition Through The Breach Fate Decks which were only available in the kickstarter. I was sent one of them and one of the new Arcane decks which has been released at Gencon. Also I seem to be one of the many who didn’t receive the correct decks so I have put a missing claim in via the Wyrd Website and also offered to send the Arcane deck back for them.

Another thing that was added was the M2E cards for Hannah, Hanged Eric and Nathan as well as new cards for Santana and Miss Terious which makes those more limited than the models themselves.

Lastly we have my favorite thing from the box which is Lord Cuddlenski Huffkopolis and also my daughter loved the look of but did tell him not to kill us in our sleep (I have no idea where that came from)

So overall I’m happy with what came and I hope the correct fate deck will be sent out as it should have been done originally as I was sending it to someone else who didn’t get in on the kickstarter.

Next thing is to get a game started I think… Anyone want to run one?

Wicked Doll

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  1. Joshuah says:

    Want to sell your TTB Hannah?

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Unfortunately she has already been sold as I haven’t played Malifaux for a couple of years.

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