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Posted by Lord Shaper on 10 February 2014
Tale of Malifaux Bloggers – Month 0

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers – Month 0

So it’s February and time has been flying past and posting on here has fallen by the wayside…

But it’s now time to change… And to help me with this we have the Tale of Malifaux Bloggers (from now own referred to as ToMBs).

Now for those who haven’t seen it or haven’t checked out the thread on the Wyrd Forums this is what it’s about (as taken from the Tale of Malifaux Bloggers site):

  • So Simply start a new (bar maybe a couple of games) master. And at the end of each month write a blog with an update to painting and gaming-hopefully giving helpful feedback on the master you’ve chosen.
  • So what models you can use. 1st month you are provided with $60 to start you off. Each following month you get $25. This money you can actually use (note before people ask, we are not providing the money :p) to buy models. Or you can use it as “virtual money” this means that if you haven’t got the funds (and so want to do this through vassal) you still can, or if you’ve already got the models you limit yourself as if you’d just bought them. So what you “buy” in a month you need to paint up, and then include pictures in your blog post. if you send under the amount of that month, the left over gets pushed over to join the next month. *Update* You no longer have to “buy” arsenal decks.
  • Blogging. If you have a blog u can blog there, use tittle ToMB (tale of malifaux bloggers) in the post.
  • Start Date: Mon 17th Feb (each “month will start on 17th of that month) This gives a week from wave 2 release in case you want to change your mind, and time for you to make orders if needed.
  • Model costs: A model or box set costs the amount (for purpose of tomb) as listed on wyrd’s main store even if you get it cheaper. this is the same with proxies (example) if you buy a proxy mature neph+two young, in terms of tomb it would cost you $40 independent of whatever you actually payed.
  • “I have no plastics available” or “i already have models” You can save up money till they come out. (ie: if Zorida comes out mid march. i have $85 in march) You can buy the metals (or if you already own models), in which case it’ll cost as on wyrd’s store. Sadly this’ll mean a few odd things like VS not having access to Hannah till month two (unless funds say otherwise). But I’m sure you can manage around them. Lastly some models have neither metal or plastic. Again you’ll be left to judge by whats already come out as to what their “price” would be. If you can’t base it on m2e stuff base it on m1.5e stuff.
  • you’ll be left to run the “finance” yourself and simply we’d hope you be true to the rules.

So where does that leave me…

Well I’ve decided to go with Zoraida’s old friend Leviticus since I’ve had his crew sitting there for a couple of years now begging for paint to go on them and with wave 2 about to go live (should be tomorrow at the time of posting) I’ll have all the figures available to me to be used.

So where do you start… Well of course you have to go with the boxed set.


Now for the first month I have a limit of $60 and as the box is no longer on the Wyrd Store I’m going off prices from my friends The Combat Company which brings it to $45 that leaves me with another $15 so I want to flesh out the bases of the crew and for $14 can get the last 2 Hollow Waifs to add to it giving him 3 in total.

That’s where I am to start off after the 17th… Using Levi should also be interesting since from what was scene in the Beta he can take models who are both Constructs and Undead which will give me a huge pool of models to play with…

Next is to go through and find things I want to put with him or would just like to paint up that he can use which should be a fun way of doing it!

So far I’m looking to add a Desolation Engine, Belles, Lazarus and Bête Noire which has some high cost figures but also some that I have been wanting to get too.

I’m going to get some WIP shots taken soon so you can see the figures built and undercoated but they won’t be started until after I finish up all of the terrain I’m currently working on for Clash of the Tyrants which I’m running on the 23rd of Feb.

Also if you are looking at taking part remember to jump on the free shipping from Wayland Games for the next couple of days using this coupon.


Desolation Engine
Rotten Belles
Bête Noire
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