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Posted by Lord Shaper on 1 May 2013
Malifaux 2nd Edition is Coming

Malifaux 2nd Edition is Coming

Malifaux 2nd edition is coming! If you want to be one of the first to play it and provide input, we’ll be having a public Beta for your shuffling pleasure. (More details on the Beta below.)

What are some of the features of 2nd edition to look forward to?

  • Streamlined, Updated Ruleset.

    Clarified rules interactions and Model Actions.

  • Upgrade Your Models / Customize Your Crew.

    That’s right, keep your favorite model fresh and competitive for years to come.

  • New Masters.

    From the current Henchmen getting promoted, to fresh faces like Tara, the Herald of Obliteration!

  • Gremlins a Faction?

    You bet!

  • Easier to Read Card Format.

    Every model updated to a new, easier to read format. No more searching through the books. The cards are standard sized as well, making them easy to sleeve for dry erasing.

  • Story Moves Forward.

    Find out what happens to your favorite characters, see the new alliances formed, and discover new Tyrants!

  • FAQ.

    For those of you who never got enough of the rules-love, we’ll be moving to an FAQ system updated on a set schedule! No more searching the forums for rulings.

We’ll keep you updated with more details over the next few months.

Public Beta Information

  • What

    Play Malifaux with your friends! See the new rules online as soon as they’re available. This will be your chance to give feedback.

  • Who

    Anyone! No previous Malifaux experience required.

  • When

    Starting May 31

  • How

    Watch the new Public Beta section in our forums. Access the rules, ask questions, give feedback, and interact with other Malifaux enthusiasts.

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