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Posted by Lord Shaper on 22 February 2013
Rule and Updates!

Rule and Updates!

Well it’s been a long time coming but Knight Models have finally released the rules for the Batman Arkham City Miniatures Game in English…

Last December they had released the Spanish versions which left everyone on the edge of they seats waiting for the English ones to drop to the point that Ness over at The Combat Company was compiling her own version by going page by page and dropping it into Google Translate.

So I have my Joker Crew built and undercoated and waiting for paint.

Other than that Malifaux has had some updates with the Governor’s Decree and Gaining Grounds being updated for 2013. Those who haven’t see these before they are the official Tournament Rules and Strategies for TO’s to use for their tournaments. Also with these updates we’ve had Hamlin and The Dreamer get errata’s as well which they have updated their cards which you can also download and officially use.

And if your after some of these downloads just head to the downloads section at the top of the page and I have everything linked up.

Now for the reason I haven’t had many pictures posted lately. I’ve had my camera die so all I have at this point is my phone to get any sort of shots which is particularly pathetic… I will be getting a new camera at some point but I don’t have any lead time on that…

Maybe I can talk the wife into it for my birthday?

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