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Posted by Lord Shaper on 29 October 2012
Thinning the Veil – A Malifaux Story Encounter

Thinning the Veil – A Malifaux Story Encounter

Well after wanting to take part in the Wyrd Halloween Contest I finally got around to writing my Story Encounter for it after having a lot of things going on personally to find that I was  5 days too late for the contest…

Well with that being said I thought I’d put it up here for everyone to see and try out and if you have any ideas to tweek it feel free to post in the comments.

Thinning the Veil

With it being the time of All Hallows Eve and the thinning of worlds these are seen even stronger throughout Malifaux with different things happening in different parts of the known world through the breach.

With the Winds of Fate blowing through from one world to the other Fate is through different things at those trying to survive within Malifaux.


Flip a Card:

  • Rams – The Horned One
  • Crows – The Revenant
  • Books – Ghost Stories
  • Masks – Trick or Treat


The Horned One:

Place one 40mm Altar Marker in the centre of the board. Flip for Attacker and Defender.

Score 4VP: Attacker or Defender needs to have control of the Altar with none of the Opponents models within 4” of it.

Score 2VP: Attacker or Defender has more models than Opponent within 4” of Altar.

The Revenant:

Place a 30mm Revenant counter in the centre of the table.

At the end of the turn the player who won Initiative gets to move the Revenant 5” towards the enemy’s Master, Henchman if master is no longer in play and deployment zone if both Master and Henchman are no longer in play. The Revenant cannot be attacked.

Score 4VP: if the Revenant is within 2” of Opponents Master or Henchman or totally within Opponents Deployment Zone

Score 2VP: if the Revenant is within 6” of Opponents Master or Henchman or within Opponents Half of the board

Ghost Stories:

Each player is to place 3 Forbidden Tomes markers within the Opponents side of the board with at least 1 within the Opponents Deployment Zone. Players may pick up Tome and pass to another model with a (1) Action.

Holding onto a tome gives the figure holding it the Spirit Characteristic and has their movement capped at 5/-

Score 4VP: Have all 3 Tomes in your deployment zone.

Score 2VP: have 2 Tomes in your deployment zone.

Trick or Treat:

Each player starts with 2 Trick or Treater markers within their deployment zone. At the Closing Phase  These markers may use 2AP to either Move or Ask an opposing model for a Treat by performing a (1) opposing WP.

Trick or Treater Stats:

Movement: 5/-

WP: 5

Score 4VP: Receive 4 Treats from 4 Different Opposing Models

Score 2VP: Receive 3 Treats from 4 Different Opposing Models

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