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Posted by Lord Shaper on 27 July 2012
3 Painters and 1 Charity

3 Painters and 1 Charity

Over the years I’ve seen numerous Tales of Painters where there has been a commitment by some friends to have so much done a week and as they are semi competing against one another they are getting everything done they want and need to.

This one is different.

Andy Walker of The Lair of the Breviks, Michael Awdry from 28mm Victorian Warfare and Mike Reynolds of The Dark Templar have got together to each start with a Crew Box and possibly add more figures to it if the mood takes them. They will be completing the figures by September to have them go to a Tournament in the UK and from there they will be Auctioned on eBay and all proceeds from the sale of the figures will go towards Cancer Research UK which is something I’d support no matter what country the research is in since I have lost good friends to cancer myself.

So follow their blogs and if you can get to the special event at Plymouth in Devon to check out the finished versions!

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