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Posted by Lord Shaper on 24 February 2012
Blood Money – Malifaux Outcasts

Blood Money – Malifaux Outcasts

Time for a change from Guild with what would be the faction that I have the least amount of figures for which is the Outcasts. I have picked up individual figures along the way so I can use them with some of my existing crews but until recently I haven’t had a single master for them.

That has been rectifies as I did recently pick up both Vikki blisters along with the Freicorp boxed set so I will be getting to those as soon as I finish off painting the last 2 Onryo and aKirai which have been sitting on my desk for the past week without having me touch a brush.

So to start off I have both Desperate Mercs as most Malifaux players will have at this point. Generally they have been used in my Sonnia and aSonnia crews as minions who will become Stalkers… or with McMourning to be used for Body Parts…

Yes I need to actually use them for more but how can you go past a figure you can use For My Family and then turn them into something else… Maybe I should start using them with Zoraida so she can obey them after doing the “For my Family!”

Next we have Lady Hammerstrike herself which was one of the first Malifaux figures I painted. To be  honest looking back at her after seeing the figures like the Exorcist, Mercs and Sue I can see a huge difference in my painting style… Is it time for a repaint?

And next we have Sue, The man in black.

I really loved the fluff for him and I can see him being used with Sonnia/aSonnia as well as numerous other crews so I had to get him. I also didn’t just want to paint a Black figure so I added some brown and blue to him as well as the chest piece I painted up as armour as that’s what it looked like to me.

The Flames I did as a Blue and how can you go past letting him have a Steel Guitar!

Also with the Base inserts the Desperate Mercs had ones from Fenris Games which were the same ones as I have for my Dead Justice crew and Sue was on one of the Ruined City ones from Dark Age. With the Dark Age base there was some metal reinforcing bar coming out of the side but with that being resin felt like it was going to break off so I replaced it with some paper clips.

Lastly we have one of the most notable figures in Malifaux, Jackdaw.

I painted this one a while back… When I did my Hanged. The sculpt is fantast and he was nice and easy to paint as well. As I started doing spirits in the washed out green I did the same with Jack and think he came out really well. I also attempted to do some OSL around his eyes but I think that could have been done better.

As always click on them for larger images and let me know what you think!

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  1. Fake says:

    Very nice paint jobs on everything but Lady Hammerstrike. I think she needs a new paintjob considering how good Sue, Daw, and the desperate mercy look, but considering what you said I think you already know that.

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