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Posted by Lord Shaper on 8 February 2012
Malifaux Strategy: The Informant

Malifaux Strategy: The Informant

So for the past week or so I’ve had a Strategy knocking around inside my head which I want to work into the start of a campaign… be it online or not.

The start of it is with the below Strategy where there is an informant who had some information that all factions are after. Depending on which faction gets the most wins means that the next Strategy will change.

I’ve based this one on Treasure Hunt and to make it harder each time you want to move the counter you need to make a WP -> 14 flip or lost that Action Point so the small fast minions might find it harder to move the counter.

So what I’m asking is if all of the Malifaux players who look here can have a look at this, test it out and send me some feedback on your thoughts of it. After any tweeks that need to be made I’m going to put this up on the Wyrd Forum to start off a 2-3 month campaign where people can post their results on which faction has won and then that faction will get an edge for the next part of the story.

Place a 30mm Informant Counter in the center of the table.

Alt Setup

After Deployment is determined and crews are placed Turn Initiative Winner places the Informant Counter along the centre line of the middle of the table (deployment influenced)

A Model in Base Contact with the Informant Counter may take a (2) Interact to be able to pick it up. A model carrying the Informant Counter can drop or pass it to another model in base contact as a (1) Interact Action.

A Model changing position on the table by an effect other than the Walk Action, drops the Informant Counter in base contact with itself. While carrying the Informant Counter, a model reduces it’s Wk to 4, and can not have it’s Wk inscreased by any means.

Spirits lost the ability to move through other models and the ability to ignore terrain penalties while carrying the Informant Counter. Models lose Flight or Float while carrying the Informant Counter.

The Informant Counter does not count as being carried if carried by an Insignificant model at the end of the Encounter.

If you are wanting to move the Informant Counter, with Each Individual Action you need to make a WP -> 14 flip and if you fail you forfit that AP but are able to use any other AP to try again. Fast and Nimble can also be used with a WP -> 14 flip.

Any Immunity to making WP flips is ignored for the purpose of moving the Informant Counter. the WP -> 14 flip simulates the Persuading/Intimidating the Informant to go with them.

Score 2VP: if, at the end of the Encounter, the Informant Counter is carried by one of his or her models but not in her or her Deployment Zone or is completely withink his or her Deployment Zone but not carried by another model


Score 4 VP: if the Informant Counter is carried by one of his or her Deployment Zone at the end of the Encounter

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