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Posted by Lord Shaper on 2 February 2012
A Maniac at the Door

A Maniac at the Door

Next up on my Malifaux showcase will be our favourite Hoimicidal Maniac and provider of Dead Prostitutes Seamus.

I never ended up getting the Seamus boxed set so the first version I picked up of him was the Alt version back in the Gencon sale.

I’ve been a big fan of his since I saw that figure and also saw the Avatar version of him as well. So how could I resist.

Also I’ve added the Molly Box to the crew and with 3 belles finished and another 3 to build I’ll be ready to bring him out on the table soon. I also had to pick up Sybelle up seperately and though I won’t start with her on the table she will be one of the first ones to be summoned.

With the Rogue Necromancy I didn’t go with my normal basing for my Ressers but as I have started to use him with Marcus it is themed to sit with him just like I did with the Shikome who have almost became must takes for Marcus.

I’ll also add the finished Grave Spirit to the thread which is to go with the Dead Rider when I have him finished.

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