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Posted by Lord Shaper on 27 October 2011
Building Avatar Lady Justice

Building Avatar Lady Justice

After reading about what Malcontent has done with his building Avatar Sonnia Criid over at his site here, here, here, here and here I’ve decided to start to do something similar with Avatar Lady Justice.

Now compared to Sonnia the Lady Justice avatar has no resin parts to but but with that being said she isn’t as heavy as Avatar Justice and unlike Avatar Sonnia you can’t use her to fight off intruders in your house…

So in the box you get Justice herself, 2 sets of wings, the Ram and Crow head and the relavent bodies. Now when you see the artwork I was first concerned that the shoulder or wrist joint was going to have to hold the weight of the Ram and Crow but I was glad that they thought of that and have made the join in the larger smoke area where you can pin it and give it a stronger bond with the larger surface area.

Also with the Avatar I wanted to do more than a desert or generic base so I ordered one of the Groundwerks bases from Dark Age which came in parts but is a nice display/ fitting base for her.

As you can see with the base you have the metal girders that are poking out of the slabs and when looking at them in Resin they seems to be to be something that would break off so I just decided to replace them with bits of paperclips so I know they won’t break. There’s one on one of the walls and 3 in the base. I also added some greenstuff around the base of the walls to fill it in nicely.

As you can see I have fully assembled aJustice and at least I don’t see any issues with painting like I did with the back of aSonnia’s coat. I still have to do some gap feeling around the heads and also the joins to Justice’s hands.

One thing that I have to say was an issue for me was putting the pin in her foot. I had to take 3 attempts to get somewhere I could fit the pin. With that being said I need to put some greenstuff in to fix up the mistakes I had with drilling.

Now as you can see this is how she will sit on the base. I haven’t glued her in place which also shows that the pin can hold her nicely and she is balanced really well (pun not intended).

I’m debating if I should glue her in now or paint the base and her seperately.

Otherwise she does go together easily, not as easy as aSeamus but I’d say easier than aSonnia and also aKirai. I haven’t picked up any other avatars so I can’t comment on those ones yet.

I’ll be back with this as I paint it as well… What colours do you think?

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4 Responses to “Building Avatar Lady Justice”

  1. Malcontent says:

    That is really cool (plus you saved me a heap of photo taking and blog writing as Justice is my next Avatar). I’m loving the Groundwerks resin you added, makes a big difference. The model certainly seemed to go together quite easily.

    I would be tempted to paint Justice before you glue her in place, or at least the parts that would be obscured by the wall. I think it would make life a lot easier.

  2. cawshis says:

    Very nice base. I’d be terrified of this model as it seems so top heavy! How does she not fall over in a strong breeze?

    Magic, I assume.

  3. Lord Shaper says:

    @Malcontent I will be painting Justice seperately as I can’t see myself getting in behind her to do it a good job. Also it has the feel that can be used with my Dead Justice and normal Justice crews

    The only issue I had was making sure the pinning of the Ram and Crow was lined up on the Justice end. I still have some gap filling to do but that’s in the queue to be done.

    @Cawshis To be honest the model doesn’t seem to top heavy from what I’ve seen. I think the 50mm base helps it balance correctly and the Base I’m using with it also give it some more weight to balance.

    I also made sure that it had a long pin so it has more to hold onto the base and through it.

  4. I really liked the look of this one even when it was just artwork in the book. I was certainly concerned on how well the model would hold up with the ram and crow without some insanely long and accurate pins. I guess as I see some of these around time will tell but it is definitely a sharp looking model bud.

    I can’t wait to see some paint on yours or Malcontent’s if he does share some finished photos. LOL

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