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Posted by Lord Shaper on 23 October 2011
Stalking the Witches

Stalking the Witches

So with my starting to have more games with Sonnia I wanted to get some more Witchling Stalkers to add to the crew.

What’s that? Why would I need more?

Well in my first trial game with her I took 2 in the crew and after some well placed violations I ended up running out of them so I couldn’t it them any more. So with the count down for MOAB I had some more come in and had them painted for the event.

So I decided not to go along with the Red that I had painted the last lot with as they seemed to fit more with the Original Sonnia I have and went with more of a Purple and Brown scheme for them which I really feel looks a lot better than my first 3…

Also with the basing on these I’ve added some more dead grass to the standard base which added a lot to the standard sandy bases I have been doing (and as I mentioned before I have gone back to some of my older painted figures to add the same to them)

The Purple is a colour that once I run out I doubt I’ll ever find again as it was one of the AD&D Dragon Tongue Purple pots that I’ve had there for the past 20 years. If anyone knows what happened to the AD&D/Ral Patha Paints can you please let me know as well… They had some of the better colours of the time and when you start painting something with them and then run out it’s a real task to mix current colours from other manufacturers to get something similar.

Now should I repaint my red one’s or have them as the summoned ones?

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