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Posted by Lord Shaper on 5 October 2011
Malifaux at MOAB

Malifaux at MOAB

Talk about a busy couple of weeks getting ready for MOAB this year.

I was playing in Tiny’s Malifaux tournament which was a 2 day event where we played 5 games over the 2 days. We had story driven encounters which you can read here.

Only 6 people were playing but for the first year of it we’re hoping for more to be able to come next year and not playing other games…

For the event I was planing on taking Sonnia Criid along with her Avatar so I had to get some Desperate Mercs, aSonnia, Alt Sonnia and some more Stalkers painted in a couple of weeks.

I still haven’t had the chance to take photos of them all but if you look at some of the photos below (Curtisy of Tiny) you can make out some of them.

We had a total pool of 55 Soulstones and were also playing 35 Soulstone games so we could mix and match as needed.

aSonnia only manifested in one game of the five but I think the threat of her is what put the big target on her. As soon as I announced that one requirement had been completed she would take a tonne of fire from anyone around.

So the results are as follows:

Name – Master – VP/TP/DIFF
1. Kurt White – Perdita – 32/12/+24
2. Mark Higgins – Kirai – 26/10/+10
3. Peter Phillips – Zoraida – 21/7/+1
4. Damian Smith – Sonnia – 17/6/-8
5. Greg k/Hairy Dave – Lady J/Viks – 13/5/-8
6. David Reidy – Seamus – 10/3/-17

Best painted: Damian

Game 1: Destroy the Evidence of the Summoning:
David vs Peter: 4 – 7
Greg vs Mark: 4 – 4
Damian vs Kurt: 0 -8

Game 2: Interrogate the Witness
Damian vs Mark: 2 – 8
Greg vs David: 2 – 4
Kurt vs Peter: 0 – 8

Game 3: Destroy the Crystal
Kurt vs David: 8 – 0
Greg vs Damian: 5 – 3
Mark vs Peter: 6 – 2

Game 4: Forge the Crystal Sword
Kurt vs Mark: 8 – 0
Damian vs David: 4 – 2
HairyDave vs Peter: 2 – 2

Game 5: Unleash the Spirit of the Wild
HairyDave vs Kurt: 8 – 0
David vs Mark: 0 – 6
Damian vs Peter: 8 – 2

Yes I managed to pull out a Best Painted so I have to be pleased with that… I also thought I was going to be fighting for the wooden spoon as well…

Things that I’ve learnt from the weekend that I didn’t realise:

  • Avatar Seamus doesn’t like Samael Hopkin’s Flaming Bullets
  • Watchers can make Avatar Seamus not so scary by removing Terrifying
  • Lucius Slingshotting Sonnia to the middle of the board gives her the opportunity to do lots of flame bursts (Papa Loco was creamed)
  • if I’m holding a couple of low books in my hand then I will never need them…

I think I’m finding that I prefer Sonnia without her Avatar at the moment. In the first 3 games I was racing to have her manifest which let me do stupid things. I know she can manifest on turn 3 after casting Inferno twice but then you need to get her closer to start putting burning tokens on people and casting Searing Wave. Pyres are nice but if you use one cast to bring 2 out and then take another to move one when it hits the enemy they don’t take damage. you need to wait for them to activate to be able to start damaging.

This means that if someone does a push to move them away then they are not going to take any damage which doesn’t seem right.

By using Flame Wall you can block LoS as Pyres do but also if you place a wall correctly then you can make sure that any pull effects through it cause damage… So placing the Flame Wall behind Collodi when he has to pull the Marionettes to him makes sure that they die as they snap to his base.

I think some more practice with aSonnia will help anyway.

But I digress… I had a great 2 days… I wish it was longer but then I don’t think the wife would let me go. I had some new opponents and out of 6 players we had the chance for 5 different Avatars.

Bring on the next Tournament!

Now on to the photos thanks to Tiny since again I forgot my camera.

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