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Posted by Lord Shaper on 19 September 2011
Doom Mancubus

Doom Mancubus

Ok this is an old figure that a friend of mine was given and since he knew I painted up models he asked could I paint it for him.

How could I say no?

Back in the day I had a heap of figures like that one that were picked up but nothing ever happened with them and then they would get lost or sold or traded or a strange combination of the lot.

Also since my painting quality has advanced a lot over the past couple of years after my 8 year absence of it I was grateful to put some better quality to the figure.

The figure is from Reaper and came out in the mid 90’s according to the stamp on the base of it which fits in with the look of it.

I was sure it was an old Lead figure too… no white metal there hehehe.

And no I didn’t taste it to see if it was lead or not!

I started off with a clear base from a magnetic flying stand I had in my paint box that hadn’t been used. I greenstuffed some rocks and with a rolled up piece of aluminum foil tried to match up the greenstuff to the preexisting base on the figure. Also I added the tank for something to break up the base.

Next was the adding of some Flock and sand to get some different types of gravel for the figure.

I always start off a figure with doing the base first… so blocked in the Brown dirt using an old Ral Partha Dunkil Brown (which I need to find out if it’s still around to get some more) and the rock was done in Adeptus Battlegrey and then the metal was done with good old Boltgun Metal.

Time for washes… Everything that had paint on it was coated in Badab Black… Including the Green Tubing which goes from the figures back.

Next was going with the skin in a blurry camera phone photo… it’s Dwarf Flesh (the 20 year old pots) with a wash of Devlin Mud at this stage I also put some Devlin Mud around the top of the barrel to make it look slightly warped with heat. Also I gave the Dirt and Rock a couple of drybrushes to add to the overall effect.

Lastly was the finished item with final highlights and some crude oil leaking from, the barrels and some tufts of dead grass around…

It was a fun little project that took me about 6 hours to complete but I really enjoyed it for a break of what I have been painting…

BTW That aSonnia you see in the background is also finished now….

Let me know what you think!

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2 Responses to “Doom Mancubus”

  1. Wow I don’t know when the last time I seen that character. I haven’t played Doom since the mid 90’s. I definitely didn’t know where were some Doom miniatures floating around.

    Nice job on the step by step process here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    I’m with you at not playing it for the mid 90’s and I didn’t realised the figures were out there until I was asked to paint it for a friend of mine.

    I found it odd going back to a figure that didn’t have the level of detail that we get today.

    Also the Step by Step photos was a way to Taunt my friend into what has been done.

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