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Posted by Lord Shaper on 24 August 2011
Soul Stone Sunday #1 and Rankings

Soul Stone Sunday #1 and Rankings

Well Soul Stone Sunday has came and gone and we had a great day.

We all arrived around 10am and from there proceeded to set up 6 tables and around 10.45 we started playing.

I had taken along my laptop to run Ratty’s Apps to run everything which worked out fantastically. We had 6 people originally turn up. 2 turned up around 11.30 and didn’t join in there was 1 other who slept in so next time people will arrive on time I think.

Michael at Unlimited Hobbies was a great host to the event putting in half of the prize.

As per usual I forgot to bring my camera along but there were some others who did bring it so I’ve been allowed to show those photos here for you all.

The day brought 3 Outcast players, 2 Neverborn and 1 Arcanist player.

This was also one of the first tournaments ran since rankings were brought in on Rankings HQ. I’m liking the fact that we have rankings now which can give more exposure to the game and to be honest everyone that I’ve spoken to who agrees with having rankings thinks that we would still be playing the same way and as there isn’t really a beat all list in Malifaux we won’t suffer the same as other games.

I’m just hoping that we can get down to who’s best with what master!

The Final standings are as follows:

1st Zoran Outcasts 21 9 10
2nd Dave Outcasts 19 6 2
3rd Dan Arcanists 17 3 0
4th Eric Neverborn 15 6 4
5th Andre Neverborn 10 3 -5
6th Brendan Outcasts 9 0 -11

I also should not that this tournament was ran as Closed Faction so you could select a faction and play any master out of it which had Dave playing 3 different masters over the day and both Brendan and Andre both using 2 masters. Dan was the only one who played with Collette the whole day through!

I’ll be running something like this again down the track and since Dave is another local (sort of) henchman we’re going to have alternative months for things so we’re helping the community and also get to have some games ourselves.

Now on to the photos! (Courtesy of LazyGamer on the Wyrd Forum)

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