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Posted by Lord Shaper on 3 August 2011
Updates, Malifaux, Tables, Figures and Tournaments!

Updates, Malifaux, Tables, Figures and Tournaments!

As I clean the dust off the site you can tell I’ve been busy with the outside world.. Work has been busy and a full month with the family have kept me away from putting fingers to keys but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing any hobby.

First off I have 2 figures left to paint to have 182 Soul Stones of Guild Painted. After that I’m onto finishing my Neverborn with 6 of the hated Alps and a Pandora Crew. Also I have Hoffman’s Mobile Toolkit to get done with the 2 Guild Models to get a good range of options for all Guild masters… Now to get some more Witchling Stalkers and some Guild Hounds!

That being said I have also finished off my Hoffman Crew if you check the Hobby Progress Tracker you can see that I have been busy and I have some bad quality WIP photos that I put up on tumblr when asked what I was working on when in the Malifaux IRC room or Twitter…

So what’s upcoming?

Well I’m hoping tomorrow to have my order placed for my GenCon Releases from Wyrd. I’m going to be picking up these for now and others as they come out.

  • Puppet Wars Board Game
  • Malifaux Twisting Fates Book
  • Sonnia, Avatar of Conflagration
  • Alternate Sonnia Criid
  • Alternate Lady Justice
  • Alternate Perdita Ortega
  • Alternate Pandora
  • Alternate Marcus
  • Nightmare Edition Teddy
  • Nightmare Edition Dead Justice Box Set
  • Miss Demeanor (with the order)

Now if you didn’t realize, Wyrd was running a Twitter Puppet Wars contest over 6 weeks where the best tweet would win a Puppet Wars Expansion and I was lucky enough to pull out 2 wins so I won’t be picking up the other 2 expansions until I know which one’s are coming my way! Hopefully I’ll have them arrive in the next day or so before I put my order in…

I’ve also joined the Malifaux World League which you have painting elements and playing games but I’m doing it for the painting at the moment until I can get some more games in. I’ve signed up with Sonnia, Hoffman and the Dreamer so if you notice the poll on the side I’m wondering which Crew to focus on for the 2 Day, 5 Game event at MOAB this year.

Also I’ve been in contact with Elliot over at Custom Terrain who is currently building me a Malifaux Badlands table which is going to be 4’x3′ with the extra 1′ being blank for people to put their cards and figures that are currently not on the table.

When he has updates for me I’ll be sure to share them with you all

Anyway here’s those bad photos I was talking about and I’ll get some new ones soon.

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8 Responses to “Updates, Malifaux, Tables, Figures and Tournaments!”

  1. winter says:

    Those look awesome as usual 🙂 Haven’t even tried to assemble my Peacekeeper as yet!

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    The Peacekeeper was the last one I did and it was taunting me the whole time.

    In the photo with it on it’s own that was before I added some static grass as well.

    When you go to build him I’d say to Pin everything… All parts on mine are pinned so it is secure…

    I also had to weight the front half of the base since he’s hanging off the back so he doesn’t topple over all the time.

    Putting the Watchers in flying poses as well makes it seem like they are different poses as well.

  3. Owen says:

    You are a painting machine! I think I’ll pick up the Dead Justice crew myself. I just noticed the Malifaux World League and I may do it with those models and a few other Guild bits that I have ready to paint.


  4. Lord Shaper says:

    I’ve had 3 models sitting on my painting table all white for the past week and a half so I don’t think I’m a painting machine at this point in time hehehe

    I might get to those over the weekend.

    I’m looking forward to the Dead Justice crew as well… that will take me to 9 Death Marshals as well

  5. winter says:

    Now that the images are up, I really don’t like the Perdita alt sculpt. Makes her look like a little girl 🙁

  6. Lord Shaper says:

    I didn’t mind the Alt Perdita…

    I’ve been trying to pay for my order for the past 45 minutes and I’m wondering if I’ll get it done by the time I finish work at 7pm!

  7. winter says:

    Yeah it took me an hour or so last night to check out, after the hour or so at work getting stuff into the cart. Didn’t get Kirai as she wasn’t up, but mneh, not worth the hassle!

  8. Lord Shaper says:

    I still haven’t finished my first order after an issue with it which I hope will be fixed soon but I have done a second order.

    I dropped getting Nightmare Teddy for Seamus and Avatar Seamus so I think I’ll be adding some more painted Belles soon


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