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Posted by Lord Shaper on 6 June 2011
The Mistress of Spirits

The Mistress of Spirits

I know I haven’t been posting as regularly as I have in the past but I’ve been running short on time more than ever at the moment.

Also I haven’t had the chance to get the camera set up to attempt to take some better photos of the Resurrectionists that were rather dark.

But that being said I have still been painting with only about 6 of my Resurrectionists to go to have them all finished (until the Rogue Necromancy comes out) and I’ve also been working on some Neverborn which I’ll have photos of in a future post.

That being said I’ve finished all of the Kirai boxed set and all I need to finish up her crew is to pick up some more Seishin (to bring to a total of 5) and a blister each of Gaki and Onryu.

I’m also thinking about getting an Insidious Madness for the crew as well but I don’t know how it will fit in with them.

That being said here’s some photos of the Lost Love and Kirai which I’ll apologize for now as they were taken with my photo on the fly.

As always click on the images for a larger version.

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2 Responses to “The Mistress of Spirits”

  1. winter says:

    Looking good! I haven’t been painting any Malifaux as I’m trying to finish off my Grey Knights. I’ve got a Kirai force waiting for me though!

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    I’ve gone the other way with my painting with my Deathwing put a way for now, Well I have one more squad on the way and then I have about 25 terminators and 2 tanks to paint…

    I’m waiting to get my Chompy and the twins so I can start playing with them soon…

    Also my Tau has now gone to a better home… So I’ll be building another crew and table I think heh


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