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Posted by Lord Shaper on 11 May 2011
Reminder: Kirai Me a River This Weekend!

Reminder: Kirai Me a River This Weekend!

With only4 more days to go before Kirai me a River I thought I’d put out a reminder in case some people haven’t seen about it and want to go… I’m hoping that Winter will turn up at this on for a rematch!

Location: Southern Battle Gamers. The Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club
Box Road.

When: Sunday 15th May

Masters: Kirai Me a River is a 1 master event this is selected at the beginning of the tournament and the same master is used throughout.

Soulstones: 35ss scraps. Players are to submit a 50ss pool of models at the beginning of the day which they will make their 35ss lists from once they have flipped for their scenario.

Rounds: Kirai Me a River is a 3 round event.

Pairings: The first pairing of the day will be a random draw. Pairings for the 2nd and 3rd rounds will be seeded and where possible same faction match ups will be avoided.

Scoring: Scoring will be done using the disparity format from Gaining Ground, which is scored Diff/VP/TP
Victory Point Differential [DIFF]: Note the difference between the players VP at the
end of the Encounter. The player with the higher VP score receives DIFF equal to the
positive amount of that difference, while the player with the lower VP score receives
DIFF equal to the negative amount of that difference.
Example: Josh and Emma played a game and josh scored 6VP while Emma scored 4 VP. Josh Receives 3 TP, while Emma receives 0 TP. Josh Receives +2 Diff while Emma receives -2 Diff. Combining the statistics at the end of round one Josh has a score of +2DIFF/6VP/3TP and Emma has a score of -2DIFF/4VP/0TP.

Tables: The tables will be 3’x3’ and will have at least 10 pieces of terrain set up before the tournament begins. Special events and terrain will not be used.

Proxies: Proxies for unreleased models allowed, please make sure that the model you’re using as a proxy is similiar to what the model would look like and is on the correct base. If you wanted to proxy other models please PM me or reply to this thread so we can work out if its too confusing or not.

Painting: There is no painting requirement for this tourney however there will be a prize for best painted.

Cost: $15 with all money going back to the players in prize support.

Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall and best painted. If we have enough numbers I’ll add more like a wooden spoon and most hilarious event in game.

Strategies: Done as follows
Flip for Strategy
Red/Black Joker: Contain Power
1-2: Treasure Hunt
3-5: Destroy The Evidence
6-8: Reconnoiter
9-11: Claim Jump
12-13: Slaughter

**If both players flip the same strategy then you will be using the Shared Strategy for that encounter**

You will be selecting 2 schemes each game. You may only use each scheme once in Kirai Me a River.
9:00am Check in/registration
9:30am – 15 min Pregame*
9:45am – Game 1 begins
11:30am – 15 minute Pregame*
11:45am – Game 2 begins
1:30pm – Lunch
2:15pm – 15 minute Pregame*
2:30pm – Game 3 begins
4:15pm – pack up
4:30pm – winners announced/ Prizes distributed.

*15 min Pregame:
• introduce yourself and announce your faction/master
• Both players then shuffle their Decks and flip for Deployment Zones. High card then flips to see what the type of deployment will be. (page 40).
• Both players then flip to determine their Strategies
• Both players then reveal their Crews
• Both players hand their opponent their stat cards for list review
• Both players then select their 2 Schemes
• Both players announce any Schemes they choose to announce

Version 2 cards will be used at this tourney if you’re not sure what the changes are please have a look here:

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