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Posted by Lord Shaper on 27 April 2011
Rise my Pretties!

Rise my Pretties!

Well as I have finished all the Guild that I have for Malifaux I wanted a change of scene so to speak. So with that I picked up a couple of Resurrectionists boxes and Blisters.

So to start off I picked up the McMourning boxed set with some  extras like Canine Remains and Necropunks so I could start to put together a Crew for Kirai me a River in a couple of weeks.

So far I’ve painted up about 59 Soulstones worth of figures but I’m going to spread them out over a few posts to get everything together.

So to start off Here is the Mad Doctor himself with the his faithful Chihuahua and friends…

I’ll be posting more as I get the chance but next on the painting table is Jackdaw as well as some Belles and the last of the Canine Remains.

Click on each image for larger photos and don’t forget to let me know what you think of them so far.

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