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Posted by Lord Shaper on 22 April 2011
The Guild Drill Sergeant

The Guild Drill Sergeant

Well finally an update of what I’ve been painting…

If you check my Hobby Progress Tracker you would see there has been a lot of Malifaux figures assembled and painted but as I’ve been on that run I haven’t been able to find the time or to get the right lighting to get good photos…

That being said my lighting still is really bad.

I took the photos outside this time to get that natural light and for some reason it looks good on the camera’s screen but doesn’t look going when I bring them onto the computer.

But lets talk about the Drill Sergeant.

This is a totem that seems to work well with Lucius but I’ve used him with Lady J which is always good as well.

Why would I take this totem over others?

Well it depends on what your taking as a guild force. If you have an Austringer this is almost going to be a must if your not planing on taking another totem.

He can link to any guardsmen for a (0) action and with that he will give any non master model he’s linked to a + flip in Melee which is always nice if your using Lucius as a henchmen or any other guardsmen.

“Attennn-Hut!” is a nice spell as well as “On Yer Feet!” but I’ve never had a chance to use either mainly because I haven’t been effected by Slow or Paralyze.

What is a really nice ability is his (2) Shooting Range Action. How can you go wrong with a Guild Gunline where you have him marching up the field surrounded by Guild Guard or sitting back with a couple of Austringers and giving all friendly Guardsmen a + Flip on ranged attacks.

This just makes the Austringers even more dangerous and for 3SS to purchase for your crew you can’t go wrong.

Well that’s it for my diagnosis of him so here’s the pictures. Remember to click for larger versions.

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