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Posted by Lord Shaper on 20 April 2011
Malfoolery One Wrapup

Malfoolery One Wrapup

Ok, I know this was a while ago but I’m finally getting a chance to put up some photos from the day. One person I was looking forward to coming was Winter from who made the trek up from Canberra to come and play.

Malfoolery went down with 6 of us there to play with the following turning up:

2 Lady Justice Crews
1 Lady Justice/Perdita
1 Vikki’s with Freicorps
1 Rasputina
1 Somer

With the over abundance of Guild it was hard to get matches with others after the first round.

As it’s been a while now I can’t remember everything that happened in all the matches so I’m going to let some of the photos take up more than I can.

Round 1

I was facing a new player for round 1. He hadn’t played a game and so it was a learning game for him which I didn’t mind as I was there to have fun.

We had one of the worst things happen when playing though which was a forested board. This meant that everyone could only see up to 3″ in front of them which isn’t good for a first game but it helped with tactics.

After a hard fought game I ended up winning 5-1 which took me onto the top table for round 2

Round 2

This round I didn’t take any photos as I was too wrapped up in the game itself.

This round I was facing the Vikki’s with Von Schill and all Freicorps. This is a nastly list.

We had to get into each others deployment zone and when type of terrain was flipped it was on a Rubble Board. So with only being able to move half movement which was really limiting for my Guild who didn’t have scout. The Trapper was using his 4″ bubble to hand it out to all around so this is where I decided that in future to find out if they will be using Terrain flips before entering something as I was handicapped from the start.

Otherwise I did enjoy the game and with it being the first time I’ve faced the Freicorps I was able to see how devastating they came be.

Result Lost 8-1

Round 3

This was the last game for the day and I ended up facing off with Winter. If you follow his site you’ll see that we had been talking about a Lady J off for a while and we decided to go at it. I made some major mistakes in this games with me trying to get my Lady J versing his and also throwing Ryle out the front to face a Guild Gunline that I normally used which ended up having him being shot up and then cut down before being able to make a hit…

This was my favourite game for the day with a good back and forward and if I took out his Judge he would take out mine, then if he took out my Lady J I would get his…

His Setup

My Setup

My Lady J kills his Judge

And his returns the favour

Now we get to find out who’s the real Lady

Which ended up being his as mine hit the floor

So my Nino takes her out in grief!

Overall this was a great game which I ended up dramatically loosing with an 8-0 loss. My Wagon was broken, my Master was dead and it’s a game I’d love to do over again.

Hopefully I’ll get to play against Winter again soon.

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2 Responses to “Malfoolery One Wrapup”

  1. winter says:

    Good times! I still need to write my games up.

    One thing in our game, it was your man of the match, the humble Austringer who took out my Lady J 🙁

    Agree completely on the rubble. That and forested should just be removed from any competitive play. They have far too much impact on the result of the game.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    I was thinking it was the Austringer that did the deed but then thought it was Nino up on the hill..

    Shows what happened when you get to my age hehehe.

    I’ve also uploaded all the photos of the current work I’ve been painting so there will be a few more posts coming up soon


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