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Posted by Lord Shaper on 17 February 2011
Master of the Deathwing Belial (The Second) WIP

Master of the Deathwing Belial (The Second) WIP

Yes I know I already have a Belial…

But with the changes brought forward with the new FAQ it’s viable to have Belial with a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield I felt that I needed to make one.

As I already have one that has Lightning Claws I wanted to keep the second one as similar to the existing one that you can see here.

So it was a mad search for bitz to get it all together. Thunder Hammer was easy to get and the Storm Shield I used was the one from the Dark Angels upgrade set. Again I’ve gone with the Chaos Terminator Lord body but as you can see I’m slowly getting rid of the Chaos Iconography on it so then I can add some Marine stuff to the legs to adorn him.

Also you’ll notice I cheated with the Storm Shield arm… I went with a good old Terminator Powerfist for it because why wouldn’t the Master of the Deathwing have anything smaller to hold the Shield! Well that’s my reasoning!

I also went to go for a similar head on him as well and I think this one seems to fit the pose of him telling the enemy he’s facing to “COME ON!”

Next I have to start on the shaping of the Robes for him and hopefully I’ll do a better job this time around and having him mounted on the base.

The Shoulder Pads are again from Max Mini and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for Pre-Heresy stuff!

Ok, on with the images… Click for larger and let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to “Master of the Deathwing Belial (The Second) WIP”

  1. docbungle says:

    How much of him is going to be ‘robed’ up?

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Thanks Doc!

    I’ll be covering most of the front of the armour in Robes and some of the back. He will have a cloak on so I can get away with not doing the whole back.

    Close to what I’ve already done for my Lightning Claws one but I’m going to attempt to pull it off better.


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