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Posted by Lord Shaper on 13 January 2011
Thunder Hammer Deathwing Terminators

Thunder Hammer Deathwing Terminators

Well I finished up the first of my Assault Squads for my Deathwing force.

I’m going to do 2 Assault Squads where I can mix and match between Lightning Claws and Thunder Hammers as needed (or even a squad of each if the mood takes me).

I’ve also added Cyclone Missile Launchers to one in the squad so if they have finished up in combat and are on to the next then they can at least take a shot without getting back into a Land Raider.

Next I’m onto a standard Shooty Squad with Storm Bolters and Assault Cannon and I’m waiting on parts to arrive to start working on a Terminator Librarian for the odd occasion that I do field one…

Anyway on with the pictures!

As always click to enbiggin!

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2 Responses to “Thunder Hammer Deathwing Terminators”

  1. Papa JJ says:

    Great looking terminators. I really like the glow from their eyes and the gold on the storm shields looks so warm and lustrous, Wow!

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Thanks for that Papa JJ. Your the second person that has mentioned the effects on the eyes so I think I’m going to have to attempt at doing a tutorial for them… Not that it’s really hard to do heh.

    The Gold was an after thought… I wanted the Sargent to stand out some more and all I had to do was paint it Shining Gold then a wash of Devlin Mud followed by a Shining Gold highlight.

    I should be knocking out these faster as it doesn’t take me long once I get started as well… If only had more time!


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