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Posted by Lord Shaper on 11 January 2011
Tracking my Hobby Progress

Tracking my Hobby Progress

This is going to be one of those posts to show what I’m planning on doing over the next year.

I’ve been following Warpstone Pile for a while and Rushputin has been using the Lone Pilgrim Painting Progress Scheme to track what he has completed from assembly to finished painting. And from that he has worked out a fantastic Google Spreadsheet that does anything you would want it to!

On top of that Rushputin has also made it available to copy over so you can do your own version of it which I can’t thank him enough for.

That being said you will be able to view my painting progress even if I haven’t posted about it at the time over at my own Hobby Progress Tracker.

I have added some changes to the Lone Pilgrim Painting Progress Scheme as I think the base size is something was missing. I’ve then added a 40mm base size to it as they generally have more detail in them than 25/30mm that you can go to town with.

This is going to be interesting for myself mainly because I generally paint more than I play and with this I’ll be able to put in gaming and other Hobby stats so I can see what I’m actually doing.

Aside from the Hobby Progress Tracker I’ve also started putting up some polls that you can see on the left. The current one is for my Deathwing force where I’m planning on what colours to paint up the 2 Landraiders that I have on order at the moment.

If you haven’t made a selection then have a look and let me know what you think.

Options are Pre-Heresy Black, Dark Angels Green and Deathwing Bone (the same as I’m painting the terminators).

No pictures this time but I’ll be back with more soon!

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  1. Rushputin says:

    Hope it’s helpful!


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