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Posted by Lord Shaper on 23 December 2010
Upcoming Malifaux Friendly Tournament

Upcoming Malifaux Friendly Tournament

On the 8th of January I’ll be going into Good Games in Sydney for a Malifaux tournament. It’s 25 SS with fixed Master and list which is smaller than the other games I have been playing so I’m really trying to find a balanced all comers force using Lady Justice.

I could take one of the other masters since I have both Sonnia and Perdita fully painted but as I haven’t used either of them yet I’m not confident in trying them out for the first time in a Tournament. The same goes for a lot of the minions that come in the Sonnia and Perdita boxes. I haven’t used Stalkers or most of the Ortegas so I don’t want to try them then.

I was thinking this:

Lady Justice

It seems strong on paper but I’m not sure of it’s survivability on the table.

Next thing I could try is this:

Lady Justice
Death Marshal
Scales of Justice

The second list gives me more models for the points and also gives me the ability to have the Scales and Watcher work together to get a better card into my hand after stacking the top 2 cards.

I think I like this one better for taking on all comers and also it’s not going to have so many points in single models.

Now if anyone who reads this is interested in going here are the details:

Where: Good Games Sydney (opposite Central Station)
When: 8th January
Soulstones: 25
Master: Fixed Crew, Fixed Master – decided during registration when all lists must be given to the TO
Games: 3
Scenarios: Drawn by the TO before each game
Schemes: 1 scheme each picked by the players for Rounds 1 and 2, 2 schemes in Round 3 (may not pick the same scheme three times in the day)

10.00 Registration. New players select register and select their crews. More experienced players are encouraged to come early to help newer players pick their crews and give some coaching on tactics. and maybe a few practice hands.
11.00 Game 1
1.30 lunch
2.00 Game 2
4.15 Game 3
6.15 Tidy up
6.30 Wrap up

Models: The goal of Malifoolery Zero is to make it accessible for everyone. So, for Malifoolery Zero, there is no requirement to have any particular model. All players should feel free to proxy in whatever model they wish. If you want to use Space Marines to be Outcasts or Lizardmen to be Guild, be my guest – as long as all models are suitable for the role they are playing and can be easily identified, this should not be a problem.

Format: Each player will be required to be say whether they are a Total Beginner, a Rank Novice (1-3 games), an Amateur (4-10 games), or a Hardened Veteran (10+ games). As far as possible, the Amateurs and the Veterans will be paired with Total Beginners and Rank Novice’s to teach them the game each round. The first round will be randomly drawn, the second will be, as far as practical, a swiss system.

Scoring: Scoring will be done on a pure VP system, driven by the Scenario and Scheme points scored.

Prizes: As a beginner tournament, there is no entry fee, and thus no prize support. The goal is to help establish more players in the Sydney Malifaux hobby and hopefully to get the core of a series of mini-events in future.

Hope to see some of you guys there!

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