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Posted by Lord Shaper on 21 September 2010
The Malifaux Hanging Tree

The Malifaux Hanging Tree

With Malifaux, for those who haven’t looked at the game, you can have some ‘special’ terrain, which has effects on characters around it for good or bad.

One of the ones that I’ve wanted to build for my table is The Hanging Tree. The Hanging Tree is what is states… The Tree where people were Hung and with that a lot of the story of Malifaux revolves around this tree. In the game it’s classed as Terrifying to anyone ending thier activation within 2″ of it…

How can you go wrong with a Tree that will scare the bejesus out of anyone near it!

That being said I wanted to build my own. so I went in search of guides on what to do for it and with that found using Wire, Green Stuff, People using the GW Forest sets and lastly people using Pipe Cleaners.

So since I wanted to do this as cheap as possible, and with being a father of 2 young kids who love doing craft I was able to raid the craft supplies and I grabbed half a dozen pipe cleaners to make my tree.

I wanted it to be big an imposing and with that I didn’t use the standard 50mm base but a do it yourself coaster that I had laying around to be used for something.

I twisted it all together and got it into an imposing looking design and then got out and sprayed it black and went to town with drybrushing and painting it up.

Now it is lacking some Foliage which I think is desperately needed but I’d like to see what you all thought of it.

As always click on the images for larger versions!

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One Response to “The Malifaux Hanging Tree”

  1. Tinweasel says:

    Aesthetically speaking, I think it gets the job done and the overall feel is of an old, warped, crooked tree. The one part I don’t think works so well (in terms of overall appearance) is the topmost branch that arches backwards counter to the lean of the tree – maybe if it were a little shorter or something, I think it wouldn’t seem to awkward.

    Yeah, cover this thing in fine grit for moss and add a little patchy foliage and I’d say you’re good to go! (I’m assuming you’re not after any awards with it, that is – Heh.)

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