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Posted by Lord Shaper on 13 September 2010
Malifaux Madness – 12/9/2010

Malifaux Madness – 12/9/2010

2v2 Malifaux went off yesterday and with that I forgot to get photos of the game which even thought I wanted to I think the other guys might have liked that they didn’t have painted crews yet.

For the Crews playing we had Rasputina and Marcus vs Somer and Lady Justice. Yes I know the sides seem to have the Arcanists verses the Guild and Gremlins but we did a random draw to who was on what side.

As the guys running Marcus and Somer were the most well versed in playing we had them throw a card and then between Rasputina and Lady Justice throw a card so then the highest out of the second through went with the highest of the first.

I was running my Lady J Crew again and we were playing at 35SS:
Crew Cost: 32/35    Remaining: 3    Soulstones: 7

Name Cost
Lady Justice 4
Scales of Justice 2
Judge 7
Executioner 7
Death Marshal 4
Death Marshal 4
Death Marshal 4
Death Marshal 4

(Crew Built with the Malifaux Crew Builder)

With the Gremlins and Guild working together we had the Claim Jump Scenario I can see there being a gentlemen’s (women’s?) agreements on taking it away from the Arcanists while they had assassinate and had to kill Somer and Lady J.

Now as I didn’t take notes since I was wanting to learn more on using my crew rather than taking notes I wanted to put up a list of points of what had happened in the major events of what happened.

  • Marcus still scares me. My first game he was in combat with me and kept turning Lady J into a beast so I was hoping not to face him this time.
  • Marcus and his Snakes and Ceribus cats really can get in your face fast.
  • When used right and pulling a Red Joker at the right time makes her a beast. One turn of combat off the charge against Marcus had Marcus dead and buried.
  • Han’s managed to pull off a head shot on Lady Justice which took her out.
  • Remembering to use the Death Marshals as a gun line as you advance is a must. Having the 4 of them shooting had December’s Acolyte, Razorspine Rattler’s and Sabretooth Ceribus’ wounded bad enough that I could through a sacrificial Marshal at them to get more SS worth of figures off the board.

I’m still wondering what I should do with the Executioner. With him being so slow I don’t think he works moving up with the gun line Death Marshal screen and then go in and attack. I’m not sure if dropping him and a Marshal to add Taelor would be an idea or not but it might be worth trying.

I think adding a Austringer could help me down the track so I will be getting one of those soon as well.

Next time I think we’re going to have some 1v1 games and divide my 6×4 table into 2 and have a 3×4 each which should be interesting.

the Combination of Gremlins/Guild were the winners of the game with 2 Hoardcat’s and Rasputina being left on the board. Flying Pigs, insane shooting and the FLash of Blades from the Guild make for some insane death.

Next Game will have photos and I will get a log of what’s happening so I can provide with an actual battle report!

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2 Responses to “Malifaux Madness – 12/9/2010”

  1. Bill@GL says:

    I am finding Lady J is fantastic for that 1 close combat that you absolutely have to win. I am still working on a way to use her in a more protracted role, but once she lays the smack down, she seems to become target #1. This is one of the reasons I am staying away from Bodyguard as a scheme.

    As for the Executioner, I have dropped him in my last several games. I just never have the right cards in hand for his combo to go off (love the job) and my opponents are as afraid of him as Lady J. His 4 movement is not too bad, as he stays in line with the DM.

    Overall, I have to admit that my latest addition of an Astringer has been a solid add to my crew. I run 1 Astringer replacing one of my DM (3 DM + 1 Astr in 30 SS). He is good with the 18″ range single attack and 12″ range double attack. Due to the fact he does not require LOS, he can start to soften up enemies on their way in. A good flip will really leave a mark on stuff as it rolls forward. Add to that the benefit if your facing Gremlins or Slurids and he becomes nasty.

    And as always, Lady J in a box is always a fun trick……

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    I need to get an Austringer… it won’t be that long and I’m sure it will be before the next game I play that I get one.

    The Executioner can hold his ground from what I’ve seen with him taking down Saber-tooth Cerberus’ as well as some of the other Arcanist beasts but using him and Lady J I’ve found from the last game to use the DM as a gun line (move up and shoot) having the DM creating a shield for Lady J, Judge and the Executioner so they can’t be charged due to keeping the DM’s bases close enough together and then I can move one out to make the gap for a second activation.

    Also as the DM’s get a Critical hit each shot you really can soften someone up before the charge.

    I was trying to get them into CC in my first game and the Gunline is what works better from what I’ve seen.

    I’m also thinking that Francisco Ortega and Samael Hopkins would be good for running with Lady J.

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