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Posted by Lord Shaper on 24 August 2010
Malifaux Battle Images

Malifaux Battle Images

Ok first up I’ll say this isn’t going to be a straight report as it was a learning game for me and Ed (who played Rasputina) and I didn’t take notes as we were going along.

We played on a 4×4 board taking a table corner each. We also gave ourselves a 12″ deployment since we were playing on the larger board.

I landed with the wonderful mission Treasure Hunt while both Marcus and Rasputina had Slaughter (which I would have prefered) and for Schemes I can only remember that Rasputina had Eye for an Eye and I had Raid! (Guild Only)

Now going against what the guys thought I did have a plan which was for the 2 of them to duke it out and then I would have the Judge, Lady Justice and the Executioner would come in and mop up on what was left.

This worked for a while until they realised and made an uneasy truce which had me facing Marcus and getting Lady Justice turned into a Beast each turn…

At least I know always to attack first with her if I can.

As for a result it ended up that no one completed their Strategy or Scheme so we all only got VP’s for announcing… I was on 1VP and both Marcus and Rasputina were on 2VP…

Now on with the pictures!

Click for larger as usual and excuse the bad photography… I had mainly all painted with 2 not and the others were mainly undercoated only which caused them to get washed out.

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