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Posted by Lord Shaper on 24 May 2010
Sanguinary Guard Completed

Sanguinary Guard Completed

Since I had some time off over the last week due to my daughter being sick and I had to look after her I finally had some time to sit down and finish my Sanguinary Guard. As I posted with the first image I didn’t go with the Gold which seems to be the default for all Blood Angels but I went with the Red that I’ve been doing my army with.

Why you say?

Well again with the fluff that I come up with in my head I decided that since they were an elite choice that I wanted them to be deeper in with the rage and blood lust. With that as they revel in the killing of their enemies they coat their armour with the blood of them to the point that they have even mixed in enemies blood into the polish they using on their armour to add to the effect.

So with that being said here are the photos of them:

Click on image for larger version

Click on image for larger version

Click on image for larger version

Click on image for larger version

Click on image for larger version

Click on image for larger version

Use the comments below to let me know what you think!

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11 Responses to “Sanguinary Guard Completed”

  1. Chris says:

    I think I like this color scheme a lot better than the standard gold one. It has more character and appeals to me more visually.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Thanks Chris!

    One thing I forgot to mention is with the figure in the middle, he has his arm magnetized so I can swap out the pistol for the Company Standard (which is still sitting there waiting to be painted)

  3. tjkopena says:

    I also am inclined to like the red better than the standard gold scheme.

  4. angel lad says:

    I prefer the gold but i really like your models, especially the power weapons. they look great 🙂

  5. Lord Shaper says:

    Thanks man!

    I’m still getting the hang of power weapons so thanks for the comment!

  6. anony says:

    Would u mind describing the steps to painting the armor like this?

    Your models look awesome btw!, nice to see someone who’s being original and didn’t go with the standard gold.

  7. Lord Shaper says:

    Hey Anony,

    I start of with the Red which I use the Tamiya Clear Red and then give it a heavy Black wash to tone down the brightness and get all the shadows in.

    The wings are done with Black and drybrushed Grey. I generally used Dark Grey from Ral Patha but the Codex Grey is a similar shade.

    Bleached Bone coated with a Black wash is used on the Shoulder Pads, chest and on the weapons and the blades were done in Enchanted Green with a black wash and a Scorpion Green drybrush.

    Lastly there is a Blood Red highlight over the red.

    Nice and simple to do and gives the effect I was after.

    I hope that helped!

  8. Rebjorn says:

    Thanks for the description on how you did those guard!

    Trying to do a set now and hoping to get them to turn out similar to yours but I’m having a little trouble with the Tamiya paint.

    Did you water it down at all?

    And also did you use it as a basecoat or something else?

    If you could clear these up it would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  9. Lord Shaper says:

    Hey Rebjorn,

    I always use a white undercoat and then just put the red on the top of that in a couple of think layers.

    I haven’t had any issue with the Tamiya paint from the pot apart from it getting a bit gluey when I’ve been using it for a couple of hours straight. I don’t see watering it down making a difference but I think the main thing is the white undercoat as the red doesn’t cover black or grey well at all

  10. Rebjorn says:

    Thanks for the confirmation, and the quick response!

    After a couple of coats they do look a lot better just starting to tone it down now and add in extra detail; using the scheme on my DC so few more fiddly bits to touch up

  11. Tyler says:

    Well, I like the red Sanguinary Guard, but your “fluff” idea is incorrect. Each aspect of a Blood Angels army represents a different aspect of their chapter. The Death Company reflect the rage, the anger, and the torture that comes from the Red Thirst and the Black Rage. They are the ones more likely to “relish” in the their enemies blood spattering on them.

    The Sanguinary Guard, however, are the knightly, strong, and noble side to the Blood Angels. They are what they were, and what they want to be again. Noble and revered as the Emperors Holy angels, and as Sanguinius’s pure children.

    Thought you should be aware of this.

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