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Posted by Lord Shaper on 23 May 2010
Knights of the Blood Librarian and Reclusiarch Completed

Knights of the Blood Librarian and Reclusiarch Completed

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was waiting for some parts to come in to finish of my Librarian which finally arrived with enough parts for me to put together the idea I had for a Reclusiarch.

All that was missing on the Librarian was the ‘Jump Pack’ which again I used a set of Wings from the Possessed box set.

Have a look at the images below:

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So for my second HQ choice I went with a Reclusiarch which after thinking about where I was going with this Chapter I was wondering how does a Chapter fall.

Now that being asked I am currently reading Galaxy in Flames of the Horus Heresy novels and with the infiltration of the Lodges into the Luna Wolves I thought that could be why the Knights of the Blood are on their way to the dark side.

So taking reference from the books I have painted up my Reclusiarch as a Pre-Heresy Word Bearer who has been spreading the “word” throughout the chapter and getting them to take the wrong path.

Building him has a lot of different parts to him with Chaos Marine legs, a Death Company Jump Pack, Knights Templar body, head from a Venerable Dreadnought and also I converted up a Crozius Arcanum from a couple of Power Axes and some other assorted extras from a Ironclad Dreadnought sprue.

And again here are the photos:

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As always let me know what you think in the comments!

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5 Responses to “Knights of the Blood Librarian and Reclusiarch Completed”

  1. rampantgoat says:

    love the colouring on the Pre-Heresy Reclusiarch what did you use?

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    The Grey was Ral Patha Dark Grey with a Badab Black wash over it. From there I followed with Boltgun Metal and a highlight of Dark Grey.

    Nice and simple but effective!

  3. Some chapters I never consider as being pre or post-heresy. Word bearers are one of them. I never knew they were grey originally–did they not cover themselves in scripture until after the heresy?

    Coloring aside, the model looks great. I’m particularly enamoured by the top of the crozius (which, upon first glance, looks like a relic blade). The little aquila up top seems like it should be out of place, but it works so well with the figure.

  4. Lord Shaper says:

    Thanks for the comments…

    When I was looking up the Word Bearers I did come across they were grey prior to the heresy and since there really are too many red marine chapters on both sides I liked the idea of using it.

    I do think they were covered in scripture but to be honest my skills aren’t there well enough to add it myself. I might go back to him at some point to see what I can do.

    The Crozius was a kit bash of sorts by using 2 poweraxes to give the double headed look and then adding other random parts to it to make you not notice that hehehe.

  5. I think you underestimate your scripture skills. The overall paint job looks good, I’m sure you could pull off writing with the right tools. You just need a really fine micron pen, and draw squiggly lines.

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