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Posted by Lord Shaper on 25 March 2010
What Army Next?

What Army Next?

As I have came back into the world of wargaming with my Tau Cadre I have been thinking about what’s to come next for me. When I was looking at what armies I wanted to do originally I had first been drawn to the Dark Eldar and as anyone who’s looking at anything within the Warhammer 40K world you get online and look at what people are saying about the armies.

Dark Eldar is an older army with the current Codex being from 3rd edition and most of it being outdated compared to most other armies. That combined with thousands of rumors that they will be getting a new book within the next 12 months had me hold off.

From there I went to the Tau and after finding and I have gone ahead there.

Now with the further rumors of there being a new Dark Eldar Codex coming up after Warhammer 8th Edition I’m starting to figure out what I’d like to do.

How can you not like the idea of sadistic sci-fi Elves whose main motivation is to go hunting for slaves and being as twisted and perverse as possible… I like the fact that they have the hit and run down pat and I can see how people don’t like them for larger battles but anything after 1000 points shows they can make a difference.

Also there seems to be more of an online cult status for the Dark Eldar. People seem to be more passionate about some of the Xeno races compared to Marines even though Marines are the bread and butter for Games Workshop.

Now the Dark Eldar figures are fairly outdated and as most other armies have had new figures arrive over the years but the Dark Eldar seem to have the same ones they had when I first saw Dark Eldar come out all those years ago. But that being said the rumors are stating that there will be a whole new line of figures so it would just mean waiting for them to arrive.

One of the main thing I want to do is not collect an army that I collected before so with that rule in place that means no Dark Angels, Chaos, Eldar or Genestealer Cultist (which don’t have an official Codex at the moment) so I’m bring it down to 2 choices.

Dark Eldar or Blood Angels

Why Blood Angels do you say?

Well I have always liked the Blood Angels but I never picked anything up and the idea of these giant Marines who have most aspects of being Vampires is something that just calls out to the Lost Boys fanboy inside me.

Also I don’t want to have an army that is too similar to what I am currently playing with so since Tau is solely based on being a stand back and shoot army I’d like to have something that is more combat orientated.

If I do go for the Blood Angels don’t expect me to be posting picture of red marines either… I’ll be doing them as a successor chapter with bone coloured armour and with all the winged jump packs that are going to be coming out I’ll have those in a black rather than the white that is currently being shown for the Sanguinary Guard above but I’d have a off white armour and then the black wings which we have seen with Astroth the Grim.

So which way do you guys think I should go?

Wait for the Dark Eldar or start with the Blood Angels?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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3 Responses to “What Army Next?”

  1. AoM says:

    Why does everyone’s new army always have to be for the same old game they’ve been playing? Why not pick up a new game instead of a new army?

    It’s a fresh start, and when you go back to 40K (you can play both games in the same night) you might even be able to look at the game from a different tactical perspective?

    That said, both armies are going to be bandwagon flavor-of-the-month forces for a while, so pick whatever you think works best for you. I do like Chaos being represented by the SW or BA codices.

  2. Lord Shaper says:

    Thanks for the response… It’s not like I’m picking another army for the old game it’s just that I have only returned to it and it is a whole new game since the last time I played which was 3rd edition.

    I do have armies for Warzone (which is the old Heartbreakers game) and as I haven’t formed up with a group yet I haven’t been exposed to other games apart from 40K in my local GW store.

    I did like the look of Malefaux but with that I need to find players for it and an area to play which is the next thing but down the track I will be getting in on that.

    I’m thinking hard on the BA army but I might hold off on getting anything until I see the DE miniatures and then make a decision on it.

    What other games to you recommend?

  3. Grimthane says:

    I think the Blood Angels sound good, DE are cool, but come on Super Soldiers that are vampires.. (that don’t glitter) is pretty cool! 😛

    Thnk of all the fluff you write “Blade Squadron”, “Whistlers Command”, “Nosferatu Imperium” 😀

    If it’s too difficult, go with BA first then a year or 2 down the track go DE.


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