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Infinity for Christmas

Infinity for Christmas Infinity v3 is out and Corvus Belli has released the full rulebook in multiple languages – for FREE. I, as many others, have picked up some of their figures in the past but I never got around to playing the game. So as a try before you buy you can get the books and Markers as a download for free before you decide if your going to buy the books for your collection! Infinity v3...
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Time for an Update

Time for an Update So I’m gathering that people have noticed that there has been a lack of posts up on here of late… That is my fault. First up my home laptop has been playing up so I’ve been running it as little as possible but this does mean that I haven’t been able to change photo sizes or take time and get new ones taken with the light boxes I’ve acquired over the...
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It’s eBay Time

It’s eBay Time Well it’s time to clean out the closet of some of the things I won’t be using again. It’s been well over 4 years since I walked away from 40K and I have no interest in playing the game in the future at all with so many more interesting and cheaper games out in the wild. So with that being said I’ve put up what’s left of my Dark Angels up on eBay so...
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Through the Breach Kickstarter Wave ...

Through the Breach Kickstarter Wave 1 Well it’s been a while but I’m back again and hopefully not away as long as I have been. That being said I finally received the first part of my Through The Breach RPG Kickstarter which was something I’ve been looking forward for since it funded back in January of 2013… So for those that missed the Kickstarter Through the Breach is the Malifaux RPG which I...
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Tale of Malifaux Bloggers – Up...

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers – Update Month 1 – Part 1 Well I’ve started is all I can say… I gave myself a small break after the month and a half of making Terrain for Clash of the Tyrants and once I decided to start again with finishing my Sonnia box but since that finally done it’s ToMB Time. As I stated earlier I am going to use Leveticus as my crew of choice. So starting off in Month 1 I have $60 available to...
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Building Malifaux

Building Malifaux So recently I ran a tournament at Clash of the Titans which is hosted by the Cherrybrook Tech Adepts where Malifaux was being ran for the first time. With that I wanted to do something different and put the idea of the streets of Malifaux out on a board. Now as this was the first time that I’ve built a board for myself I had to figure out the idea for myself. First up I...
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Tale of Malifaux Bloggers – Mo...

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers – Month 0 So it’s February and time has been flying past and posting on here has fallen by the wayside… But it’s now time to change… And to help me with this we have the Tale of Malifaux Bloggers (from now own referred to as ToMBs). Now for those who haven’t seen it or haven’t checked out the thread on the Wyrd Forums this is what it’s about (as...
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Wayland Games Free Shipping Exclusiv...

Wayland Games Free Shipping Exclusive Offer Well it’s Promotions time! Wayland Games as sent me a code to get free shipping on orders over £40. So what you need to do is add the code AFF-DS-FREESHIPFEB-2014  at checkout to get free shipping on all the wargaming goodness until the 12th of February. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions below but to use this offer click on the image on the left sidebar. If...
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Batman Arkham City Rules Update 1.2

Batman Arkham City Rules Update 1.2 Well something I still haven’t had the change to get a game of yet but I at least now have a painted Joker Crew is the Batman Arkham City game. As the original rules were translated directly from Spanish there were many comments saying they seemed clunky which could have been due to the translation. So as I just found out and downloaded they have Updated the Rules to 1.2...
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Puppet Justice

Puppet Justice So after my last post you might get the idea that I have a thing for Puppets… and your right! I picked up Puppet Wars when it first came out and through no fault of my own it ended up being pushed to the back of the cupboard instead of being played since when everyone would get together we would prefer to play Malifaux rather than anything else. So I decided to repurpose my...
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Ink not Paint

Ink not Paint So for those who don’t know me I’ve been a collector of many different things over the years from an extensive Book and DVD collection, Videos back in the day, Comics which is heading towards 4500 issues, Comic Artwork including original pages as well as hundreds of sketches which I have a fraction of over at my Flickr. As well as all of that I have numerous tattoos. My...
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Perdita Awakens

Perdita Awakens So it’s been some time since I’ve managed to get a semi regular post up on here with anything I’ve been working on but as I’ve been getting more and more photos of late I can get more up on the site, when I remember to post them. That being said I’ve just finished painting up my Avatar Perdita for a facebook painting contest for the month of...
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Scheming for the Future

Scheming for the Future So I’ve been thinking of where to go with this site… I have a lot of figures I want to put up here after I get some time to get some good photos of them as well as some ideas for Story Encounters that I want to flesh out and see what people think. I have decided that a post a week will get me back into writing for this site (since I have been keeping being regular on...
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A Chill over Malifaux

A Chill over Malifaux Well time has gone by and I haven’t had a chance to post anything… Mainly due to my camera dying and the only photos I was able to get was with my old phone… That being said I updated from my iRiver to a iPod Touch which gives me a better camera than what I had been using previously and if you have been following me in twitter or facebook you would have seen the...
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Tablewar Diorama Trays

Tablewar Diorama Trays After seeing some of the Tablewar Dioramas via The Ebonstar on youtube I thought I was going to have to get some of them myself to try out. The first thing was that they generally only deal with people in the US so we had an experement to see how long they would take to arrive over here in Australia. So with that I waited around and 2 weeks later the package arrived. What I picked...
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Malifaux 2nd Edition is Coming

Malifaux 2nd Edition is Coming Malifaux 2nd edition is coming! If you want to be one of the first to play it and provide input, we’ll be having a public Beta for your shuffling pleasure. (More details on the Beta below.) What are some of the features of 2nd edition to look forward to? Streamlined, Updated Ruleset. Clarified rules interactions and Model Actions. Upgrade Your Models / Customize Your...
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Gamers Lounge Special – Wild West Ex...

Gamers Lounge Special – Wild West Exodus For those who have been looking at kickstarter and have been wondering where your hard earned dollars could go Bill and Dan have had the chance to talk with Romeo of Battlefoam fame about the game as well as going into details on where they want to go with it. If you haven’t checked out the show and have been wanting to find out more about this game before it arrives you...
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Kicking on Kickstarter 27/2/2013

Kicking on Kickstarter 27/2/2013 Well I thought I’d do a round up of all the kickstarters out there at the moment for the Gamer that have taken my interest of late. So far I have only gone in at the £1 level on the Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter but I will be looking to up that one when I decide what it is I want from it since I currently have 3 armies for the original game which I will be digging out...
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Rule and Updates!

Rule and Updates! Well it’s been a long time coming but Knight Models have finally released the rules for the Batman Arkham City Miniatures Game in English… Last December they had released the Spanish versions which left everyone on the edge of they seats waiting for the English ones to drop to the point that Ness over at The Combat Company was compiling her own version by going page by...
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Wamp launches Wyrd Miniatures Painti...

Wamp launches Wyrd Miniatures Painting Contest I just found out about this and I don’t know if I will meet the cut of what the Wamp guys can do but I’m willing to try it! So if your interested check out the details below and otherwise what figure should I paint up for it? Wamp welcomes Wyrd Miniatures back after a 3 year absence. Wyrd are offering up some cracking prizes, including limited edition and even not for...
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